Police welcome responsible behaviour of public at the weekend as businesses re-open following lockdown
06 Jul | 13:34

Police have welcomed the responsible behaviour of those who enjoyed the bars, pubs and restaurants which opened their doors for the first time at the weekend.

Licensees had instigated queuing systems, offered hand sanitiser and improved ventilation meaning it was a very different night out for many revellers in our towns and cities.

Before the weekend Northumbria Police had called on the public not to undermine the efforts made during lockdown.

And today a senior officer at Northumbria Police has thanked those who heeded their advice and continued to show the spirit and good nature seen across the region throughout the pandemic.

Assistant Chief Constable Scott Hall said: “We are very experienced at policing our busy towns and cities at the weekend and love engaging with members of the public.

“This weekend was very far from the kind of night out we are all used to but there was a fantastic atmosphere across the Force area.

“Policing the night time economy can often be a challenge and it does create a large demand on the emergency services and our health workers.

“It was important that the public behaved responsibly and did not undermine the efforts of recent weeks, particularly on a weekend where we celebrated the 72nd anniversary of the NHS.

“I just want to take this opportunity to say thank you to those who did enjoy the re-opening of businesses as the vast majority did so in a responsible manner.

“There were a handful of incidents that required a police response but nothing that we wouldn’t normally deal with on a usual Saturday night.

“We are a region that knows how to have a good time but this weekend proved that we can do that responsibly and with respect each other so I can’t thank you enough.

“I also want to say a huge well done to those businesses and licensed premises who put measures in place to ensure customers could enjoy what they had to offer in a safe environment.”

For further information about Coronavirus, and what kind of businesses are allowed to re-open, visit the Government website at www.gov.uk.


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