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Elderly pensioner rescued by police after she community group find food parcel untouched on her doorstep
30 Jun | 12:00

A 95-year-old woman is on the road to recovery thanks to quick thinking staff from Playinnewcastle Youth Services and officers.

The youth organisation has been extra busy during lockdown delivering food parcels to the area’s most in need.

And there was some quick thinking from the organisation’s Dillon Wilson, Chris Milburn (pictured) and Michelle Davies earlier this month during a routine drop off at the home of a 95-year-old lady in the Throckley area.

After knocking and being greeted by silence, the team noticed last week’s food parcel left untouched outside the door, fearing the worst, they swiftly called police.

Members of the Neighbourhood Policing Team for Throckley quickly made their way to the lady’s home and forced entry.

Once inside they discovered the woman had fallen and was suffering from a broken arm and dislocated hip.

An ambulance was called and she taken to hospital and is now on her way to a full recovery.

PCSO Darren Atkinson, of the Neighbourhood Policing Team, is full of praise for the fast acting staff members.

He said: “It’s horrible to think what could have happened if PlayinNewcastle hadn’t been delivering weekly food parcels and were not there to notice the most recent parcel hadn’t been touched. Ambulance staff said another 24 hours and it wouldn’t have been a happy ending.

“Staff from PlayinNewcastle acted quickly and their actions merit a lot of praise – they are true life savers.”

PCSO Atkinson added: “It’s now more important than ever before to be a good neighbour and look out for the most vulnerable.

“I ask that anyone who has vulnerable relatives or neighbours, please look out for them and if you haven’t seen them or been able to contact them and fear for their wellbeing, please reach out to police.”

Pam Gill, Director of PlayinNewcastle said: “We have been doing weekly food parcels with Throckley Community Hall since the beginning of the lockdown for the elderly, vulnerable and families who we work with who are struggling.

“It’s a lot more than just making up and delivering food parcels. The people who receive the food parcels look forward to the staff coming every week with it and like to have a little chat at the garden gate - for some it’s their only contact with other people every week.

“The staffs are always alert and pay attention and are quick in noticing if there is a problem/issue.

“I am very proud of Dillon, Chris and Michelle for their quick thinking in this situation, they are very passionate about their jobs and if it wasn't for them the lady might not be here today.

“We telephone daily to check in on her and have been to drop off some little treats for her. She is on the mend and in high spirits.”

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