'Their courage has seen a dangerous man put behind bars' - domestic abuser jailed after two ex-partners bravely came forward
27 Mar | 10:25

Carl Jones, 36, was jailed for four years and handed an indefinite restraining order against his victims

A serial domestic abuser has been locked up after two ex-partners bravely came forward 

Carl Jones, 36, of Greenlands, Jarrow, South Shields, was last week jailed for four years for assaulting two former partners and breaching his restraining order.

Jones, who had previously served a custodial sentence for attacking one of the women and perforating her eardrum, bumped into her on a night out in South Shields.

Despite her restraining order against him, he attempted to talk to her before viciously head-butting her twice.

The attack, which happened days before Christmas in 2017, was captured on CCTV.

In a separate attack on a different woman on Valentine’s Day last year, Jones turned on his then-girlfriend after she accidentally scratched him during a play fight.

The pair argued and Jones began to make threats before he head-butted her as she shouted for him to stop.

He then repeatedly punched her in the head, leaving her bruised, swollen and with a chipped tooth.

As he left her home he threatened: “I’ll be back tomorrow to finish you off”.

She attended hospital and then bravely contacted police.

Last Friday (March 20) Jones was sentenced to four years in prison with a one-year extension and handed restraining orders preventing him indefinitely from being in contact with both victims.

Detective Constable Gemma Clark, who investigated the case, has now praised the bravery of the victims for reporting the incidents and has encouraged others who may be in a volatile relationship or being harassed by an ex to speak out.

Det Con Clark said: “I know both women were terrified to speak out but they did the right thing and their courage has now seen a dangerous man put behind bars.

"If you also have concerns about a current partner, or a new relationship, you can submit a Clare's Law application where police can disclose information about a partner should they have a violent history that you need to be aware of."

An application for Clare's Law – also known as a Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme - can be made via the Northumbria Police website. For more information search ‘Clare's Law Northumbria Police’ online.

If you have been a victim of domestic abuse, contact police on 101, or 999 in an emergency, or visit the ‘Tell us Something’ pages of our website. Victims can also contact Victims First Northumbria on 0800 011 3116 who will give independent advice and support.

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