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Neighbourhood Watch

Dated: 22 Mar 2012


POLICY TITLE: Neighbourhood Watch

OWNING DIRECTORATE: Major Crime & Intelligence

AUTHOR: Chief Inspector, Harm Reduction

CONTACT DETAILS: 03456 043 043 Ext. 49259

AIM OF POLICY: To provide a clear statement of support for Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) and its part in the problem solving and National Intelligence Model (NIM) process.

BENEFIT OF POLICY: Encourage partnership working to reduce crime and disorder. Providing a structure for the flow of information between the police and NHW and improve liaison between the police and community.

REASON FOR POLICY: To support NHW schemes and build trust and confidence within communities.


Northumbria Police is committed to reducing crime and disorder, providing reassurance to the community and improving the quality of life in the Force area. Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) has an important part to play in supporting those goals.

The use of problem solving and the adoption of the National Intelligence model are core elements towards achieving the above aims.

Neighbourhood Watch has the potential to be an effective measure, supporting problem solving and the National Intelligence model.

Other benefits of NHW are:

  • empowerment of the community

  • an effective structure for the two way flow of information between the police and the community

  • the creation of additional resources and reducing demand upon the police

The co-ordination of Neighbourhood Watch schemes and the release of personal data to those outside the organisation will undoubtedly engage Article 8 Human Rights Act 1998. In that regard Northumbria Police acknowledges its duty to support the rights of individuals to respect their private and family life. Any personal or non personal data released must be in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

SOURCE DOCUMENT: Home Office and National ACPO lead on watch issues.

GROUPS AFFECTED: The public, Police Officers and Staff.


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