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Police National Database

Dated: 16 March 2023

POLICY TITLE: Police National Database

OWNING DIRECTORATE: Force Coordination

AUTHOR: Detective Inspector (Intelligence), Force Coordination and Operations




AIM OF POLICY: To ensure Northumbria Police operates the Police National Database (PND) in accordance with the PND Manual of Guidance - Business Rules V3 Sept 19.

BENEFIT OF POLICY: Ensures that PND business rules are followed and that the Force can maximise the benefit available from the use of PND.

REASON FOR POLICY: To comply with the PND Manual of Guidance - Business Rules V3 Sept 19.


The Police National Database (PND) is a national system that allows users direct access to foreign Force intelligence and other information held by other police Forces.

PND is an intelligence-handling system and not an evidential system.

The information held on the PND is not new information but comes from existing Force systems that support force intelligence, crime, domestic abuse, child abuse and custody business areas.

Northumbria Police will operate PND in accordance with the Code of Practice and Manual of Guidance.

Data recorded by Northumbria Police is shared with the PND and will be used for the following policing purposes:

  • Protecting life and property
  • National security
  • Preserving order
  • Preventing the commission of offences
  • Bringing offenders to justice
  • Any duty or responsibility of any person arising from common or statute law.

Only authorised and appropriately vetted users will be able to access the PND directly. Non-authorised users requiring a check to be conducted on PND must do so through a formal request.

Any enquiry must be conducted for a lawful purpose and will be subject to audit.


SOURCE DOCUMENT: PND Manual of Guidance - Business Rules V3 Sept 19.

GROUPS AFFECTED: All officers and staff


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