Body worn video

Dated: 27 Oct 2016

POLICY TITLE: Body Worn Video (BWV)

OWNING DIRECTORATE: Criminal Justice & Communications

AUTHOR: D/Superintendent (Prosecution and Victims Services)




AIM OF POLICY: This policy outlines how officers and staff will use, capture, retain and prepare evidence from Body Worn Video (BWV) for use in court proceedings; and in compliance with relevant legislation and guidance.

BENEFIT OF POLICY: This policy will ensure: 

  • BWV is deployed in appropriate circumstances.
  • Maximum benefit from the use of BWV is made and that ‘best evidence’ is secured.

REASON FOR POLICY: To outline the force’s position in relation to the use of BWV in support of its overall aims and objectives.

The principal objective of BWV is to make best use of new technology to prevent and detect crime and anti social behaviour. Primarily, the purpose of BWV, is to enhance Northumbria Police’s ability to protect victims of domestic abuse from further harm and improve quality of service.
Northumbria Police will ensure:

  • BWV is only used by officers who are trained.
  • Data is managed appropriately, in accordance with legislation, force requirements and associated legislation including: Human Rights legislation, Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984, Data Protection Act 1998, Freedom of Information Act 2000, Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 and the Surveillance Camera Code of Practice, Criminal Procedure and Investigation Act 1996.
  • Collateral intrusion is managed appropriately and material retained only for a legitimate policing purpose.

Additional benefits and objectives include the following:

  • Expand opportunities for the capture of best evidence.
  • Assist police officers and police community support officers (PCSO’s) to reduce anti social behaviour.
  • Increase crime detection.
  • Assist Criminal Justice partner agencies in delivering best evidence.
  • Increase early guilty pleas, reducing officer case preparation and court time.
  • Give greater insight into service delivery, identification of good practice and subsequent training.
  • Reduce complaints against the conduct of officers and protracted complaints investigations.
  • Promote public confidence in Northumbria Police.

Application and Scope

Whilst BWV may be utilised in spontaneous public order situations, this policy does not replace the policy and procedures for other users of visual recording equipment, such as that used by staff deployed as public order trained evidence gatherers.

Underpinning Procedures

Northumbria Police will follow the College of Policing, Authorised Professional Practice on the use of Body Worn Video (2014).

SOURCE DOCUMENT: Authorised Professional Practice on BWV, College of Policing.

GROUPS AFFECTED: All police officers and police staff, including relevant partner agency staff and those working voluntarily or under contract to Northumbria Police must be aware of, and are required to comply with, all relevant policy and associated procedures.


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