Outcomes policy

Dated: 3 July 2020

POLICY TITLE: Outcomes Policy 

OWNING DIRECTORATE: Corporate and Strategic Services 

AUTHOR: Force Crime Registrar, Corporate Development Department 





AIM OF POLICY: To ensure standardisation across Northumbria Police in relation to when and how to claim an outcome. The policy also identifies who will carry out the role of Designated Decision Maker (DDM) for authorising specific outcomes.  

BENEFIT OF POLICY: Officers and staff will be clearly directed to comply with the Home Office Counting Rules for recorded crime (HOCR) in relation to claiming an outcome. 

REASON FOR POLICY: To ensure Northumbria Police complies with the HOCR and therefore has confidence in the reported data returns. 


The finalisation of crimes will be in accordance with the HOCR. 

Crime is recorded and outcomes are assigned by the police and other agencies to assist: 

• Both central and local government to establish whether their policies are effective in driving down crime, and to gain an understanding of the relative performance of policing and criminal justice providers within England and Wales; 

• The public in making informed decisions about the risk of crime to themselves as individuals and to allow judgments on how effective government and the police have been in tackling crime; and 

• In providing police, and their partners, data which informs the targeted use of resources and allows the relative effectiveness in different methodology to be established. 

References are made in the HOCR to the DDM. The DDM is responsible for reviewing and subsequently authorising various methods of disposal for cases and should be at an appropriate level for the seriousness of the offence being considered. The DDM also decides if cases which have been referred back from the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) for whatever reason, should retain the outcome originally claimed. 

The role of DDM will be carried out as follows: 

Chief Inspector and authorised named officer who undertakes the responsibility of Acting Chief Inspector  

• Discontinued cases on the ground of insufficient evidence. 

• The offender dies before proceedings could be initiated or completed (indictable only or sexual offences). 

• Alternate offence rule for Homicide and Rape. 

Authorised Inspector or Sergeant 

• Offences Taken into Consideration.  

• Alternate offence rule (all other offences). 

The grounds for each of the above outcomes must be clearly documented with reasons for the decisions made recorded on each crime. The DDM must ensure that all conditions outlined in the HOCR are met. 


SOURCE DOCUMENT: Home Office Counting Rules for Recorded Crime  

GROUPS AFFECTED: All Operational Staff 



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