Provision of additional police resources to outside organisations

Dated: 15 Oct 2014

POLICY TITLE: Provision of Additional Police Resources to Outside Organisations

OWNING DIRECTORATE: Finance and Resources

AUTHOR: Principal Accountant, Accountancy Services




AIM OF POLICY: This policy outlines the criteria to be followed for the provision of additional police resources to outside organisations.

BENEFIT OF POLICY: To ensure the Northumbria Police provides resources to outside organisations in an appropriate manner.

REASON FOR POLICY: To ensure the criteria is followed for the provision of additional police resources to outside organisations.



Under the Police Act 1996, provision exists for police authorities and consequently Police and Crime Commissioners to receive additional funding from outside organisations in connection with the discharge of any of its functions, although gifts, loans and sponsorship should not be used to replace planned activity.

Requests that have been received to date relate to problems in areas where it is accepted that particular crime related problems exist. Making additional resources available to organisations that are able to and prepared to pay, could affect the balance in terms of operational policing and disturb the Police and Crime Commissioner's priorities, therefore careful consideration will be given to each request.

Such arrangements will only be considered where the following criteria apply:

i) the level of crime or disorder in a particular area is comparable or worse than the local crime rate;

ii) where there is a strong concentration of vulnerable people, e.g. hospital or in the case of certain educational establishments, there is a large number of foreign nationals on a dispersed campus;

iii) where there is a particular short term policing problem.

In the event that one or more of these criteria are met, the arrangements must not disturb the priorities of the Police and Crime Plan.

When considering requests for additional resources, the following matters and considerations must also be taken into account:

a) whether the request meets one or more of the considerations set out in the above mentioned criteria;

b) the level of existing resources available in the locality;

c) the effect any special arrangements would have on existing resources and the need to avoid any disruption or any detrimental effect on existing resources;

d) the need to establish a basis for the recharge of costs of officers released. The charge should be the mid point of an officer's salary plus on costs, but may be adjusted to recognise the benefit both from the point of view of the outside organisation and the Chief Constable;

e) whether the proposal complies with the Police and Crime Commissioner's Police and Crime Plan and the Chief Constable's operational requirements, and

f) the need for appropriate contractual terms to be agreed between the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and the outside organisation concerned.

All requests must be submitted to the Chief Constable for approval, having met these criteria.

Level of Charge

Outline salary costs for police officers have been developed which are based upon the mid point of an officer rank, and include National Insurance and pension costs. These charges should be obtained from the Accountancy Services Section, Finance and Resources.

The Chief Constable has discretion to reduce these rates by a maximum of 50%.

All other costs including police staff salaries, overtime and all non-salary costs, will be fully recovered.


SOURCE DOCUMENT: Police Act 1996


ACCESS AND DISCLOSURE RESTRICTIONS: This policy should be viewed by all staff

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