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Submission of bids for external funding

Dated: 19 March 2021

POLICY TITLE: Submission of Bids for External Funding

OWNING DIRECTORATE: Finance and Resources

AUTHOR: Principal Accountant, Accountancy Services




AIM OF POLICY: To ensure external funding bids are managed appropriately and consistently throughout the Force.

BENEFIT OF POLICY: This policy will ensure that the submission of bids for external funding are managed appropriately.

REASON FOR POLICY: To provide an overview of the process for submitting bids for external funding.


External funding can be obtained from a number of sources including, Central Government, Local Authorities and other partners, normally through a bid process. Many bids include additional personnel which subsequently may impact upon the workforce establishment.

It is critical that:

(i) All submissions for external funding have the approval of the Chief Constable.

(ii) The costing of bids, primarily with regard to police officer salaries, is in accordance with the Force policy Charging for Police Services.

(iii) Any workforce establishment implications are considered at the earliest opportunity.

(iv) Full consultation takes place prior to the submission of a bid.

To ensure a consistent approach to the submission of bids throughout the force, all bids must be routed via the Director of Finance (Northumbria Police), who will take lead responsibility for ensuring a corporate approach is taken to all proposals, and will facilitate the necessary Chief Officer approval.


SOURCE DOCUMENT: Police and Magistrates Courts Act 1994


ACCESS AND DISCLOSURE RESTRICTIONS: This policy should be viewed by all staff

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