Charging policy for supply of road traffic collision information

Dated: 05 Sep 2014

POLICY TITLE: Charging Policy for Supply of Road Traffic Collision Information

OWNING DIRECTORATE: Crime and Criminal Justice

AUTHOR: Head of Prosecution Support




AIM OF POLICY: To establish in which instances fees will be payable for the release of information relating to road traffic collisions.

BENEFIT OF POLICY: Clear demarcation between 'fee payable' and 'free of charge' requests for road traffic collision information.

REASON FOR POLICY: The release of information by Northumbria Police is bound by the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998. Differing conditions apply where personal information is released to third-parties, rather than to the individual(s) involved in the incident.



The Collision Records Section, Crime and Criminal Justice Department, collates road traffic collision (RTC) records on behalf of the Force.

Where basic third party details are provided later to an individual involved in a collision (which usually should have been exchanged at the scene), this service will be supplied free of charge.

Police officers or members of police staff receiving a request from one of the persons involved in a collision for basic information that should have been exchanged at the scene (as above), will provide the enquirer with the relevant details in writing; information cannot be passed via telephone.

Where information is requested by anyone acting on behalf of a person involved in the RTC, (i.e. solicitor, insurance company or anyone else acting on behalf of those involved), a fee will be payable prior to the release of the information. Please see the Collision Records Tariff Request form for details of current search fees etc.

All requests for the release of such information to anyone acting on behalf of a person involved in the RTC will be forwarded to Collision Records Section, Crime and Criminal Justice Department.


SOURCE DOCUMENT: Data Protection Act 1998



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