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Destruction of Surplus Firearms owned by Northumbria Police

Dated: 15 March 2023

POLICY TITLE: Destruction of Surplus Firearms Owned by Northumbria Police

OWNING DIRECTORATE: Force Coordination

AUTHOR: Chief Inspector, Firearms Support Unit





AIM OF POLICY: This policy outlines Northumbria Police's position for dealing with the disposal of firearms and related equipment.

BENEFIT OF POLICY: To ensure proper disposal of firearms owned by Northumbria Police.

REASON FOR POLICY: Northumbria Police has a duty under Article 2 of the Human Rights Act 1998 to protect the lives of its staff and members of the public. 

Northumbria Police has a duty under Article 2 of the Human Rights Act 1998 to protect the lives of its staff and members of the public. To fulfil this duty, it is necessary to ensure firearms, when necessary, are appropriately destroyed.

All firearms owned by Northumbria Police will be destroyed when they are deemed to be surplus to the needs of the service. The exceptions to this policy will be surplus firearms that are sold, or otherwise disposed of, to other forces and those which are kept for instructional purposes or as a historical record.

Once a decision has been reached that certain firearms are surplus, they will be destroyed in the same manner as illegal firearms which come into the possession of Northumbria Police. Before disposing of a firearm, chief officers will ensure there are no criminal, civil or judicial proceedings which a weapon may be required for.

When operational firearms are disposed of, all records must be updated on the Chronicle Management System. The records will detail the authority of the Chief Inspector, Firearms Support Unit to dispose and whom has witnessed the disposal. A copy of the disposal screen, with witness signatures, will be held by the Force Armourer.



GROUPS AFFECTED: All Police Officers and Police Staff


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