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Management of Property

Dated: 11 January 2023

POLICY TITLE: Management of Property

OWNING DIRECTORATE: Corporate and Strategic Services

AUTHOR: Head of Business Services



AIM OF POLICY: To ensure Northumbria Police effectively and efficiently manages property.

BENEFIT OF POLICY: Ensures Northumbria Police maintains an effective and efficient property management system.

REASON FOR POLICY: Northumbria Police acknowledges the right afforded by Article 1 of the Human Rights Act 1998, to the enjoyment of possessions. In carrying out its duties, the Force will not seize, retain or dispose of property except where it is lawful and in the public interest.

Northumbria Police has a pragmatic and proportionate approach to the seizure, handling, storage and disposal of property. This is underpinned by the key principles below.

Property Other Than Found Property (POFP)

  • Northumbria Police will not seize any property if at all possible and will only seize what is essential for evidential purposes. Seized property will be retained for the shortest time possible.
  • Disposal decisions rest with the officer in charge and seized items will be monitored using the performance management framework.

Found Property

  • It is not Force policy to routinely accept property found in public places, on public service vehicles, trains, metro trams or in private premises. In such cases, the finder should be directed to the appropriate authority.
  • Members of the public bringing in items which are Not Identifiable; Low Risk; and/or Low Value will be advised that the item will be checked for reported loss or crime but will then be disposed of immediately if no such links are found.

Lost Property

  • Northumbria Police does not take reports of lost property and cannot issue a reference number. However, if the lost item is dangerous, hazardous or can cause harm, a record will be taken and circulated to the appropriate departments/ parties.

There are comprehensive instructions available to staff, including the underpinning legislation affecting property management, roles and responsibilities, Health and Safety issues as well as the procedures to be adopted according to the nature of the property and the circumstances surrounding its seizure, handling, storage and disposal.

There is an auditing process in place which will ensure the integrity and security of property held within Northumbria Police.




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