Learning and Development

Dated: 5 May 2022

POLICY TITLE: Learning and Development 

OWNING DIRECTORATE: People Services and Development 

AUTHOR: Organisational Development Team 




AIM OF POLICY: The aim of this policy is to support the procedures which provide learning and development for the officers and staff of Northumbria Police. 

BENEFIT OF POLICY: It enables officers and staff to exercise their potential to its fullest extent, leading to improved and increased personal and organisational performance. 

REASON FOR POLICY: To provide awareness of the opportunities available for learning and continuous development of all Northumbria Police officers and staff. 


Northumbria Police aims for officers and staff to acquire and develop existing skills, competencies and knowledge through effective learning, with the aim of undertaking their duties, improving personal effectiveness, and, where appropriate, increasing opportunities for individual career development. Learning and development will enable officers / staff to exercise their potential to its fullest extent, leading to improved and increased personal and organisational performance. Northumbria Police will target underrepresented groups to assist them in fulfilling their potential therefore ensuring the Force is reflective of the diverse community it serves.  

Throughout an officer or staff member's career within the Force, continuous development will be an ongoing process. Where practicable, the Force aims to support career development plans, by balancing this against the needs of the Force. Therefore, individual career plans within Northumbria Police must be linked to work objectives and aligned with the needs of the Force as well as those of the officer / member of staff. Officers and staff will be given protected learning time to undertake studies for mandatory training (where applicable) and this will be supported by management.  

Continuous development promotes lifelong learning, and is underpinned by self-direction and self-management. It is the responsibility of the officer / member of staff, and will also be discussed with line managers as part of the Performance and Development Review (P&DR) process, to ensure integration of self-development in line with work priorities. Through the P&DR process, Northumbria Police aims to continually develop a more competent and more flexible workforce, which is committed to achieving the Force's objectives. In order to achieve this aim, Northumbria Police is committed to every member of staff, including police officers, police staff and special constables. 

Approaches to continuous development are unique to the officer / member of staff, but may include hierarchical progression or self-development in the current post.  

Opportunities for learning and continuous development take many forms and can arise on a daily basis, but typically may include:  

  • Mandatory training which is required on commencement of a new role or to maintain effectiveness within an existing role. Mandatory training may be provided by the Force.
  • Northumbria Police is committed to providing protected learning time for continuous professional development and study with formal qualifications. The amount of protected learning time will be dependent on the requirements of the course of study however for apprenticeships and entry qualifications this will be a minimum of 20% of duty time.
  • Training courses (Internal and External) 
  • Attachments  
  • Secondments  
  • Acting up  
  • Mentoring (advisory relationship with peers designed to provide guidance and advice on business process, policies and practices etc.)  
  • Coaching (taking an officer / member of staff through problems and issues with the intention of developing improved understanding, and the ability to deal with such problems and issues)  
  • Job shadowing  
  • Appointments to specialist posts  
  • Multi-skilling (gaining additional skills, knowledge or tasks within the same grade)  
  • Promotion  

The above list is by way of illustration and is not intended to be exhaustive or restrictive. 



GROUPS AFFECTED: All officers and staff 


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