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Recruitment and resourcing

Dated: 13 Dec 2018

POLICY TITLE: Recruitment & Resourcing


AUTHOR: HR Policy & People Development Team




AIM OF POLICY: Northumbria Police is committed to recruiting and developing a skilled and effective workforce reflective of the community it serves. Through a responsive and adaptable resourcing model, the Force can ensure the right numbers of people are available to meet demand. 

BENEFIT OF POLICY: The policy ensures consistency and equality in recruitment and resourcing processes.

REASON FOR POLICY: This policy outlines the Chief Constable's commitment to the fair and consistent delivery of recruitment and resourcing activities within the Force in line with equality legislation. 

Northumbria Police recognises that its staff, officers, special constables, cadets and police support volunteers are its greatest asset. Recruiting, developing and retaining the right people is a vital part of ensuring we develop a workforce which reflects the diverse communities we serve. With the right people we can continue to respond to, and develop, the trust of these communities to deliver a positive experience for the public.

Recognising and promoting talent as well as enabling staff, officers and police support volunteers at all levels to realise their full potential ensures we continuously improve operational performance, public confidence and satisfaction.

The structure of the Force allows us to operate effectively, adapting to meet demand, enhancing performance whilst also planning for the future. Through the development of a responsive resourcing model, we ensure staff, officers, special constables, cadets and police support volunteers are deployed where they are needed most. By enabling a greater visible presence within our communities we can reduce crime, increase confidence and continue to build positive relationships.

Importantly, by providing flexible resourcing, we are able to offer a wide range of work-life balance options in order to support the retention of our high performing, talented workforce.


Northumbria Police aims to be an employer of choice with the ability to attract and develop a representative workforce with the right skills, experience and attitudes to deliver an exceptional policing service.

We will achieve this through a range of professional, fair and transparent recruitment and selection techniques designed to identify the best candidates whilst also eliminating all forms of direct and indirect discrimination.

The Code of Ethics underpins the principles and high standards of behaviour expected from all staff and officers working for Northumbria Police. This policy draws on the Code and its values to ensure we recruit, retain and promote the right candidates to work within our organisation. 
We will uphold our statutory equality duties by promoting equality of race, religion or belief, disability, sex, sexual orientation, age, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity and gender reassignment.

Continued monitoring and analysis of protected characteristics will help us to identify areas of under representation whilst also taking the necessary positive action to address this. Through advertising, familiarisation events and engagement activity, our recruitment strategy will be inclusive and far reaching.

SOURCE DOCUMENT: Equality Act 2010

GROUPS AFFECTED: All officers, staff, special constables, cadets and police support volunteers


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