Security vetting

Dated: 20 Nov 2020

POLICY TITLE: Security Vetting

OWNING DIRECTORATE: Corporate and Strategic Services

AUTHOR: Standards and Performance Manager




AIM OF POLICY: The aim of this policy is to provide structured and accountable processes for the vetting of police employees, members of the Special Constabulary, contractors, volunteers, and members of other agencies and partnerships working with the Force. The primary objectives of the policy are to safeguard the Force's criminal intelligence, operational and financial assets, and to preserve the safety and welfare of employees and those with whom the Force works in partnership.

BENEFIT OF POLICY: This policy provides a degree of assurance that those who have access to police premises, information, intelligence and assets have been assessed as to their honesty, trustworthiness and integrity, whilst also minimising the risk to these individuals from being targeted by outside elements, who have something to gain from access to police resources.

REASON FOR POLICY: To ensure full compliance with the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) National Vetting Policy for the Police Community.


Force vetting is the category of vetting applicable to all individuals who apply to join and serve with Northumbria Police, either as a police officer, special constable, community support officer, or member of police staff.

Enhanced vetting clearances are applied for those serving within the most sensitive roles of the Force. The type and level of clearance required is dependent on the access levels needed by the member of staff to perform their designated role. Consideration is also given to the nature of the information and assets to be accessed, and the potential implications and consequences of the accidental or deliberate compromise, disclosure or misuse of such information or assets.

Non-Police Personnel Vetting (NPPV) is the category of vetting applicable to employees of partnership organisations, and businesses contracted to provide services to Northumbria Police or is applied to individuals who apply as volunteers.

NPPV arrangements exist to ensure that employees of partner organisations and businesses are allowed access to police premises, information or other assets they need in order to fulfil their role, whilst ensuring that the Force has the necessary assurances with respect to the honesty, integrity and reliability of those individuals doing so.

As vetting can only ensure the honesty, integrity and reliability of individuals at the point in time at which the vetting checks are undertaken, it is important that reviews and renewal of vetting clearances are conducted where appropriate, in order to seek confirmation of an individual's continued suitability to perform their role. 

SOURCE DOCUMENT: Vetting Code of Practice (Oct 2017); Authorised Professional Practice



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