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Delivering electronic police services and e-communication

Dated: 04 Mar 2013

POLICY TITLE: Delivering Electronic Police Services and E-Communications

OWNING DIRECTORATE: Corporate Communications

AUTHOR: Web Services Team Leader



AIM OF POLICY: To support the Force Corporate Communications Strategy by increasing accessibility to policing services and to extend the ability of the Force to communicate, interact and engage with the public using appropriate online tools; providing online access to policing services and information, extending current delivery mechanisms and facilitating increased engagement.

BENEFIT OF POLICY: Efficient provision of online channels which maximise information sharing and engagement with the public.

REASON FOR POLICY: To increase access to policing information, services and officers resulting in efficient communication, engagement and interaction supporting all Force activities.

Northumbria Police recognises the importance of maintaining effective channels of communication with the communities and stakeholders in the Force area by way of electronic interaction.

Online services will be provided consistently across the Force area. Their use should not cause the Force any reputational damage.

In order to facilitate this, the E-Communications Team will manage:

The continued delivery of online information about Northumbria Police, including:

  • The direct provision of current information about the Force and access to services and any other websites managed by Northumbria Police.

  • The provision of Links to related, associated and partner websites as is required or necessary.

  • The provision of content for use on partner websites where this is deemed appropriate.  (Any request to use existing material created by or have material specifically provided by Northumbria Police for use on the websites of other agencies must be sent by email to Corporate Communications. This request must outline the aim of the website and how the content will be used.  Where agreement is given for Northumbria Police content to be provided, this will normally be restricted in line with the Data Protection Act (1998) to material which is already available to the public. A formal agreement will be required, outlining the nature and terms under which such material can be used and how it must be maintained. No personal data will be released).

The continued delivery of a range of interactive services & channels, including:

  • The ability to report non-emergency incidents through the Force website.

  • The ability to provide feedback on the services and information provided by the Force.

  • The provision of information, resources and engagement tools for children, young people, parents and teachers via

  • Development of the use of mobile technology to deliver access to Force information, services and engagement.

  • The provision of a platform which can be used for online meetings with the public.

  • The use of identified Social Media Channels (such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube) to share information, engage with the public and to provide a platform which supports effective neighbourhood policing.

  • The use of Social Media to support specific operations, campaigns and Critical Incidents.

  • Linking in to any national initiatives which Northumbria Police is required to adopt, or which will be of benefit to the Force.




This instruction is designed to avoid discrimination and in accordance with the Human Rights Act 1998 and its underlying principles.

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