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Internet access policy

Dated: 20 Nov 2013


POLICY TITLE: Internet Access Policy

OWNING DIRECTORATE: Corporate & Strategic Services

AUTHOR: IS Manager (Core Infrastructure)

CONTACT DETAILS: 101 Ext. 49482


MOPI ASSESSMENT: Not Applicable 

AIM OF POLICY: To protect the information and IT infrastructure from threats of external attack, particularly the internet; to ensure appropriate use of publicly funded services; and to ensure efficient and appropriate use of staff time for work purposes.

BENEFIT OF POLICY: Ensures that internet facilities are used securely.

REASON FOR POLICY: Ensures that all staff are aware that internet access is available for business and personal use and that appropriate security is in place to limit access to appropriate sites.

Northumbria Police will make internet access available to staff for both business and personal use. Personal use of internet access facilities will be limited to non-work time only. Internet web browser access from Force networked PCs will be granted at either Standard or Unrestricted access levels.

Area Commanders / Heads of Department are responsible for determining if the use of internet access by their staff is appropriate to the role and that personal use is limited to non-work time.

Breach of Policy

Use of internet access is recorded through various software audit processes that perform a logging and checking function. Dip samples will be undertaken by Counter Corruption Unit staff to identify any potential breach of policy regarding internet use. Information will be provided to line management with the appropriate information to assess the situation. It is a line management function to determine if a breach has occurred and how to deal with it.


GROUPS AFFECTED: All officers and staff.


This instruction is designed to avoid discrimination and in accordance with the Human Rights Act 1998 and its underlying principles.

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