Records Management

Dated: 31 May 2022

POLICY TITLE: Records Management 

OWNING DIRECTORATE: Information Management

AUTHOR: Data Management and Assessment Team (DMAT) Manager, Information Management Unit




AIM OF POLICY: To provide Northumbria Police with a robust process to manage its recorded data from creation to disposal.

BENEFIT OF POLICY: Ensures that records created by Northumbria Police are appropriately managed, stored and disposed.

REASON FOR POLICY: To comply with the Authorised Professional Practice: Information Management, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)/ Data Protection Act 2018, Management of Police Information (MoPI) and the Lord Chancellor's Code of Practice on the Management of Records under Section 46 of the Freedom of the Information Act 2000.


Northumbria Police recognises the need to ensure that information is available when and where it is needed, in an organised and efficient manner, and in a well-maintained environment. The Force has a framework and outlined responsibilities for the operation of the Records Management Programme.

The Records Management procedure defines how both physical and electronic records should be managed and the approach to archiving physical records into long term storage.

The Information Asset Register procedure provides clear guidance on when and what to record in the Information Asset Registers, and the frequency with which the Registers should be reviewed to ensure information is traceable, accurate and accessible.

With regards to retention / disposal, nominal records held within the Force’s Information Systems will be deleted when there is no longer a policing purpose for retaining the nominal in accordance with APP: Information Management: Management of Police Information. This is determined by the Force’s record retention rules.


SOURCE DOCUMENT: National Police Chief's Council: National Guidance on the minimum standards for the Retention and Disposal of Police Records 2017; GDPR/ The Data Protection Act 2018; Lord Chancellor’s Code of Practice on the Management of Records under Section 46 of the Freedom of the Information Act 2000.

GROUPS AFFECTED: All officers and staff


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