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Newcastle Airport Incidents - 242/23

Date Responded 07 March 2023

Provision of information held by Northumbria Police made under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (the 'Act')

As you may be aware the purpose of the Act is to allow a general right of access to information held at the time of a request, by a Public Authority (including the Police), subject to certain limitations and exemptions.

You asked:

Please disclose a log of every incident recorded at Newcastle International Airport, or involving the search terms 'Airport’, between January 1 2022 and December 31 2002.

Please disclose the incident exactly as it was recorded on each log, redacting any identifiable information which may prohibit disclosure. For example: ‘Caller (name redacted) reported a fight between two passengers at Terminal 1. Both suspects are male and one appeared to be carrying a blade."

For each incident, please also disclose the date and time of the incident if recorded on the log.

After we sought clarity and advised, you changed your request from ‘incidents’ to ‘Crimes’

In Response:

We have now had the opportunity to fully consider your request and I provide a response for your attention.

Following receipt of your request, searches were conducted with the Corporate Development Department of Northumbria Police. I can confirm that the information you have requested is held by Northumbria Police.

I am able to disclose the located information to you as follows and which avoids the use of exemptions to withhold.

Searches were made of crimes which had Newcastle Airport as an address

09/01/2022 07:30

Victim attends airport toilet, hangs jacket on door hook, uses facilities and leaves forgetting jacket. Unknown offender finds jacket & assumes ownership

11/02/2022 14:30

Unknown person steal cash at sometime from entry to airport or arrival at police station

14/02/2022 19:00

Unknown male remove and steal mobile phone dropped by ip.

16/02/2022 10:00

Offender pass through security at airport smelling strongly of cannabis. Upon search found in illegal possession of 2 class b cannabis sweets in personal bag.

15/02/2022 00:01

Known male offender subject to sex offenders register requirements, arrives back in country after visiting foreign country, having not notified in advance of travelling

25/02/2022 09:00

U/k offender steal passport and driving licence by u/k means, make off unseen.

01/03/2022 09:10

Unknown offender/s approach ip's bag and steal via unknown means. Offender/s make off d/o/t unknown

07/03/2022 07:30

Unknow offender steal phone via unknown means, make off

28/03/2022 12:00

Ip exits taxi and drops purse to the ground, ip walks off without realising and continues into the terminal. U/k male bends down and steals the purse

28/03/2022 15:00

Offender gets up into victims personal space, victim puts hands up in an attempt to create space and offender grabs lanyard containing security badge pulling it from victims neck.

19/03/2022 14:30

U/k person on flight from Newcastle make derogatory comments to ip during flight

23/03/2022 07:00

Victim originally reported theft of number plate from airport car park. enqs show number plate had fallen off prior to arriving at airport

18/03/2022 11:00

Ip once inside the airport realised he has left phone it in taxi. Taxi inform him it has been found and it has been handed into police station. Ip attends and no phone found.

03/04/2022 15:00

Victim stated she packed her jewellery in her case she noticed on her return home that the lock was gone from the case and her jewellery was gone

23/04/2022 00:00

Two unknown males enter duty free store whilst travelling through the airport, remove security tag from item make off without payment.

14/02/2022 11:00

Ip is passenger on aeroplane that lands at Newcastle airport, ip drops passport on aeroplane and when searching cannot find it and suspects it has been stolen by u/k offender

06/05/2022 13:00

Ip loads luggage through terminal at airport and board s flight,on arrival at destination recovers luggage an d attends hotel where she unpacks case only to find items stolen

10/05/2022 08:30

Victim loses wallet while in the airport lounge wallet is handed into staff and returned to the victim however upon victim checking wallet money has been removed from within

29/01/2022 00:00

Known male detained at Newcastle airport , mobile phone seized and subsequent download and analysis finds him to be in possession of an indecent image of children

16/05/2022 07:00

Victim boards aircraft and places handbag under the seat. Unknown offender approach handbag, enter and steal from within.

25/05/2022 16:00

Victim and offender are on airplane just landed at Newcastle airport. Offender requests the victim's mobile phone which she denies. The offender punches the victim

27/05/2022 20:00

Known male during security screening at airport is found in possession of cannabis

22/05/2022 19:00

Unknown offender opens the ips suitcase and removes a number of gold chains and then makes off unseen

30/05/2022 17:00

Victim has left her airpods on board an aircraft when exiting flight, unknown person has picked up the airpods and not returned to owner

01/06/2022 18:00

Offender, whilst passenger on aeroplane makes numerous racial slurs about member of the cabin crew in full earshot of both staff and other passengers on the flight

03/06/2022 07:30

Victim escorts offender off airplane due to his abusive behaviour. Once off the airplane offender begins to fight with victim causing injuries.

03/06/2022 07:30

Known male having consumed an amount of alcohol within the airport then enters an aircraft whilst being in a drunken state.

06/06/2022 05:00

Whilst at Newcastle airport baggage carousel, known suspect shouts abuse at the victim, causing him to feel alarmed and distressed.

14/06/2022 17:36

Susepct has been verbally abusive towards victim on flight this has then continued within the terminal

21/06/2022 00:00

Unknown person shines laser at aircraft approaching Newcastle international airport

20/06/2022 15:30

Caller has given a description of a male seated next to him on the plane flight he believes he has taken his bag

12/06/2022 05:00

Victim leaves car parked in airport car park over 1 week period and on returning finds damage to wing and door

23/05/2022 18:00

Unknown offender steals phone at unknown location whilst ip is on a flight from Newcastle .

25/06/2022 08:48

Known male engages in sexualised conversation with and xxxx sends them a significant number of indecent images and videos of children

29/06/2022 22:13

Intoxicated female has been seen going into a cafe inside the airport terminal building, taking items from behind the counter and consuming them whilst intoxicated

30/06/2022 17:00

Ip purchases a bottle of perfume from duty free, during walking around the airport unknown persons take perfume from victim.

27/06/2022 13:00

Ip was going through airport security and has left her watch in a black tray, she then realised and went back, security stated no watch had been handed in

01/08/2022 22:00

Victim leaves Newcastle airport with luggage on trolley, offender/(s) steal two cases from the trolley then offender/(s) make off unseen

09/08/2022 22:00

Known offender found intoxicated/incapable. Subjected to search to establish identity and small quantity of suspected drugs recovered

02/08/2022 21:00

Unknown offender breaks in to the ips suitcase removing the lock and stealing items of jewellery from within and making off unseen

12/08/2022 09:00

Suspect drives company vehicle with no permission/lawfull authority and outside the remit of his job role. Arrangements made to return however arrested prior.

22/08/2022 01:29

Suspect shine laser pen in direction of aircraft potentially causing danger to passengers and flight staff onboard

18/08/2022 00:00

Ip on exiting aeroplane places items in front of bag leaving unzipped when ip collects luggage discovers that items are missing

28/08/2022 23:00

This incident was created for a child concern.

19/08/2022 06:00

Flight from Newcastle, unknown offender swung around and slapped ip on face with open hand

30/08/2022 18:00

Known female approached ip, Newcastle airport, a verbal argument follows where offender then throws a bottle of water at the victim

05/09/2022 21:00

Suspect having been asked to follow an order within the immigration hall makes comment towards member of staff of racial nature.

09/09/2022 15:00

Unknown male removes loose coins from tray in security search area of airport which were left by ip. Unknown male then makes off unseen

30/08/2022 12:41

Unknown male gets out of motor vehicle, walks towards airport and then kicks sign damaging same offender then walks into the airport.

16/09/2022 17:00

Unknown person has taken victims bag containing personal items whilst in the carpark of Newcastle airport. Make of with stolen bag and items

16/09/2022 03:00

Victim believes she left her phone in a taxi. Unknown offender finds phone and keeps it for themselves.

17/09/2022 04:00

Whilst in busy lounge area of airport, victim puts down her backpack and it is taken by persons u/k.

27/09/2022 14:37

Male offender enters store removes security tag from item and conceals making no attempt to pay for the item

29/09/2022 08:57

Vehicle hire company reports vehicle stolen due to car not being returned by agreed date.

22/09/2022 03:12

While travelling from Newcastle suspect grabs victim by the head and assaults

05/10/2022 03:30

Known male enters closed open plan cafe. Male goes behind bar and pours himself alcoholic drinks from the pumps male is then stopped by police

10/09/2022 14:00

Unknown offender steals back pack and makes off unseen

07/10/2022 23:00

Unknown offender picks up back pack belonging to ip and makes off unseen in unknown direction with same.

11/10/2022 07:58

Ip leaves bag unattended at airport. Unknown male finds bag and steals items from within. Same male later hands in wallet and passport from bag to airport before making off with remaining goods

09/10/2022 16:00

Email send to Newcastle airport feedback email address with information suggesting a device has been placed on an aircraft that will cause an explosion.

13/10/2022 03:30

Unknown male shout abuse at ip causing harassment alarm and distress

16/10/2022 08:00

Unknown person pick up ip's purse from desk in office conceal on person and leave office with the purse.

26/10/2022 13:00

Suspect is seen on cctv to try the door handle of Police vehicle at the airport.

17/10/2022 10:00

Unknown males enter store put cigarettes in backpack and leave without offering payment for goods.

04/11/2022 16:28

Known male offender sexually assaults female ip who is cabin crew whilst on a flight

03/11/2022 22:15

Ip enters the toilet in the international baggage hall. Ip leaves a bag containing items. Ip leaves toilets then returns to find that unknown persons have stolen the items from the bag.

01/11/2022 17:00

Ip reports that another vehicle has collided with there vehicle causing damage. Offender then makes off without exchanging details.

04/11/2022 16:28

Whilst on board a flight was drunk

06/09/2022 10:00

Victim leaves jacket in bar area when going to departure gate in the airport. Unknown person picks up coat and unlawfully steals it not attempting to hand it over to airport staff.

08/11/2022 20:30

Aircraft while on approach to Newcastle airport has been subject to a laser strike

12/11/2022 20:00

Offender u/k upon exiting aeroplane at Newcastle airport steal victims bag from luggage compartment above victims seat. Offender then make off unseen

20/11/2022 09:30

Known male breaches court order not to be in the company of the ip

16/11/2022 10:52

Unknown person steals wallet containing cash by unknown means and makes off unseen whilst victim is in airport terminal

29/07/2022 23:00

Whilst victims luggage is in transit, an u/k person has entered one of the cases and stolen items from inside.

29/11/2022 00:00

Unknown offender opens the ip bag and removes items from the bag

18/12/2022 16:30

Whilst entering uk border a known male makes racial comments towards a male which can be clearly heard by other members of the public causing harassment, alarm and distress.

13/10/2022 14:00

Victim has left her ipad on aircraft following her arrival at Newcastle airport. The ipad has since gone missing believed to have been stolen.


Every effort is made to ensure that the figures presented are accurate and complete. However, it is important to note that these data have been extracted from a number of data sources used by forces for police purposes. The detail collected to respond specifically to your request is subject to the inaccuracies inherent in any large scale recording system. As a consequence, care should be taken to ensure data collection processes and their inevitable limitations are taken into account when interpreting those data.

The figures provided therefore are our best interpretation of relevance of data to your request, but you should be aware that the collation of figures for ad hoc requests may have limitations and this should be taken into account when those data are used.

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