PND Educational ('PND-E') Courses - 1000/20

Date Responded 30 July 2020

Provision of information held by Northumbria Police made under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (the 'Act')

As you may be aware the purpose of the Act is to allow a general right of access to information held at the time of a request, by a Public Authority (including the Police), subject to certain limitations and exemptions.

You asked:

I would like to know what, if any, PND Educational ('PND-E') Courses you provide? It may assist you to note that the power to establish a PND-E scheme is provided by s2A Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001 as amended by the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012. A penalty notice with an education option provides a person with the opportunity to discharge their liability to be convicted of the penalty offence by paying for and completing an educational course that relates to the penalty offence.

In Response:

Following receipt of your request, searches were conducted with the Fixed Penalty Unit of Northumbria Police. I can confirm that the information you have requested is held by Northumbria Police.

I am able to disclose the located information to you as follows.

The only course we offer for a PND is for the offence of drunk and disorderly and the course attended is the Alcohol Behaviour Change course.

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