Specific Childrens Home - 1246/19

Date Responded 30 October 2019

Provision of information held by Northumbria Police made under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (the 'Act')

As you may be aware the purpose of the Act is to allow a general right of access to information held at the time of a request, by a Public Authority (including the Police), subject to certain limitations and exemptions.

You asked:

I would like to know how many times the police have been involved in any incidents regarding children from a specific Childrens Home in the last 12 months. I know you won't be able to give details but could these be detailed as low, medium or high.

In Response:

We have now had the opportunity to fully consider your request and I provide a response for your attention.

Northumbria Police will neither confirm nor deny any information is held regarding your request and in doing so rely on the following exemption.

Section 40 (5) - Personal Information

To confirm or deny whether information exists in response to your request could publicly reveal information about a specific residence and individual occupants living there in, thereby breaching the right to privacy afforded to persons under the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA).

Confirming or denying that Northumbria Police hold any information would breach an individual's rights under the DPA.  Section 40(5) of the Act is an absolute exemption and as such there is no requirement for me to provide evidence of the prejudice that would occur or to conduct a public interest test.

This should not be taken as indicating that any information that would meet the criteria of your request does or does not exist.

You may find the Police.uk website of interest, particularly the Crime Map page, which allows you to explore and compare crime and outcomes of crime in your neighbourhood by navigating the site and entering the relevant post code etc.  In order to aid and assist you we have provided a link to the site as follows: https://www.police.uk/

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