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Date Responded 21 August 2019

Provision of information held by Northumbria Police made under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (the 'Act')

As you may be aware the purpose of the Act is to allow a general right of access to information held at the time of a request, by a Public Authority (including the Police), subject to certain limitations and exemptions.

You asked:

  1. How much of the £100m Serious Violence Funding was allocated to your police force? [I believe, in the original announcement by the Home Office - - Northumbria Police was allocated £2,320,000 but please confirm or correct this amount.]
  2. How much of the funding that your force was allocated has been spent to date? Please indicate financial amount. Please give an approximate figure if a precise figure is not possible.
  3. What has the funding, that has been spent to date, been spent on? Please indicate by category and any detail available, such as operations, intelligence, additional deployment, etc.
  4. What will the remaining funding be spent on (presumably over the next 10 months or so)? If no decisions have been made/are in progress please indicate.
  5. If you hold information on the £35m allocation to Violence Reduction Units or the £1.6m allocated to "improved data collection" then please provide information on spending and forward planning for this.
  6. I would be very grateful of any contextual information or additional information you deem useful/relevant.

In Response:

I am able to disclose the located information to you as follows.  To note - this information has been provided in a way which avoids exemptions being applied to withhold and will not be broken down further.

1. Northumbria Police has been allocated £2.32m funding from Government up to the end of March 2020 to provide Police Surge Activity to tackle Knife Crime and Serious Violence.

2. Spend to the end of July 2019 is £152,381.00.

3. Northumbria spend plan has been broken down into the below categories with the spend to end July 2019 as follows ;

Prevention & Enforcement Activity, Intelligence, Targeted Activity, Investigative Response, Equipment & Technology.

4. As point 3 above - Prevention & Enforcement Activity, Intelligence, Targeted Activity, Investigative Response, Equipment & Technology.

5. Northumbria Office of Police & Crime Commissioner (OPCC) are working with partners to establish a Northumbria Violence Reduction Unit.

6.This is not a valid question under the Act and therefore we offer no response.  If you define what specifically you are looking for, rather than our opinion as to what we deem as contextual/relevant we may be able to offer you further.


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