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Find out how Northumbria Police supports equal pay.

The gender pay gap is different to the concept of equal pay. Equal pay refers to the requirements of employers, in line with the Equality Act 2010, whereby men and women in the same employment performing equal work must receive equal remuneration. This is a principle the Force has always observed. Gender pay gap, on the other hand, is a measure of the difference between men’s and women’s average earnings based on hourly rate of pay. It is expressed as a percentage of men’s earnings. This data is refreshed annually.

The mean pay gap for Northumbria Police is 11.9% when measuring all hourly rates combined and the median value of the same is 16.6%. Both of these measures show a favourable position compared to the national average*. All three reports can be found below, with the 2019 being the most recent being based on hourly pay rates as at the snapshot date 31 March 2019, and bonuses paid between 1 April 2018 and 31 March 2019.
*The national averages are provided by the Office For National Statistics, based on the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings data.

Gender pay gap report

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