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Northumbria Police demands the highest standards of professionalism, honesty and integrity from its officers and staff. Where those standards are not met, consideration may be given to instigating misconduct proceedings.  We are committed to transparency and accountability. As such we will publish the outcomes of misconduct meetings, misconduct hearings and also those who resign prior to the conclusion of misconduct proceedings (where it is established that there was a case to answer).

Misconduct FAQs

What is a misconduct hearing?

Where an officer/member of staff faces allegations of gross misconduct they would attend a misconduct hearing. If they are found to have breached the relevant standards of professional behaviour they may be dismissed.

What is a misconduct meeting?

Where the officer/member of staff faces allegations of misconduct they would attend a misconduct meeting. If they are found to have breached the relevant standards of professional behaviour the maximum penalty would be a final written warning.

If you wish to attend a hearing

If you wish to attend, you must book your place in advance by sending an e-mail to in order to register your interest. In the e-mail you must provide: 

- Your full name 
- Date of birth  
- Home address 
- The date of the hearing you wish to attend 
- T
he name of the person involved. 

Any interested members of the media must also register attendance as outlined above. Media enquiries should be directed to the Media Relations Team at Police Headquarters. 

Successful observers will receive a return email which will include information what to do next.

Attending a hearing

The hearing allows for 10 observers to attend, allocation will be on a first come basis. If you have any accessibility requirements, please let us know in your e-mail so we can ensure your needs are met.

Upon attending the location of the hearing, you will be required to present photographic identification, for example a driving licence or passport.

You will not be allowed admittance unless you have pre-registered. We reserve the right to restrict entry.

No filming, audio recording or taking of photographs of the proceedings is permitted.

Water will be provided during the hearing.






Upcoming hearings


One day

 Date and time:                

Monday 18th January 2021

10:00am – 4:00pm 


Retired Inspector 7465 Steven Appleton

Police Appeals Tribunal:

Appeal against the finding of Gross Misconduct by a Misconduct Panel on 4th March 2020, and that the following Standards of Professional Behaviour contained in Schedule 2 to the Police (Conduct) Regulations 2012 have been breached:

Discreditable Conduct


Orders & Instructions

Honesty & Integrity

Note: the hearing shall be held remotely due to the Covid-19 emergency restrictions currently in place.

Take further notice: the hearing shall be held in private.

Misconduct Proceedings Outcomes

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