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Pride in Policing 2019

The Pride in Policing Awards is an event to celebrate our officers, staff and volunteers have gone above and beyond in serving our communities.

Award Winners 2019

Award for Protecting the Vulnerable Sponsored by Northgate

DC Beverly Meikle and PC Olivia Scorer

The professionalism and dedication of these officers ensured a vulnerable victim was supported from initial contact to court and beyond. The victim had been brutally assaulted and was petrified of being involved with police. They built a rapport with her, gained her trust and showcased the support network available to her. Thanks to their endeavours she agreed to support a police prosecution, resulting in a custodial sentence of 8 years 1 month.

Award for Outstanding Investigation Sponsored by Konica Minolta

DCI Paul Woods and Op Ruby team

Paul led Op Ruby which investigated the now infamous Carl Beech. In addition to painstaking detective work, the operation required complex financial investigation and multiple European enquiries. It concluded in an international ‘manhunt’ involving coordination between UK Police Forces, the NCA and the Swedish Fugitive and Special Targets team.

Award for Problem Solving Sponsored by APD Communications

PCSO Lisa Waugh

After a series of assaults by teenage girls in Ashington, Lisa built a programme of diversionary activity for the key offenders to reduce their own vulnerability. Each week Lisa engaged with them, identifying vulnerabilities, building relationships and accessing specific support groups in line with their needs. Thanks to Lisa, some of the girls are back in mainstream education, some have secured part-time jobs and most of all, they have not been in trouble with the police since.

Award for Outstanding Volunteer of the Year

SC Michael Scott

Michael Scott is a farmer who has saved the life of a man, stopped a raging bull and has helped catch organised crime gangs over his service. He has the trust of his communities and his colleagues and is very well respected. He recently celebrated 35 years of public service and is one of our longest serving volunteers.

Award for Innovation within Policing Sponsored by Optima

Jemma Woolley, Communications & Engagement

“It’s great to see a local force standing out from the crowd and doing something different.”

That was the reaction from the public after the latest social media wanted campaign called the Copper Cabana, designed by Jemma. The innovative campaign led to 5 arrests and 2 charges being brought. Jemma was also nominated for a vulnerability campaign, creating a social experiment around mental health that went viral.

Award for Outstanding Leadership Sponsored by Integral

PC Brian Smiles

At a time when the momentum of change with Northumbria Police has never been faster, for many it is an unsettling time. But PC Smiles’ approach is to be overtly positive about those changes, putting colleagues at ease, and greatly contributing to the culture on the team. Leadership is often associated with rank but it’s clear we have leaders amongst

PCs - ‘Smiler’ is one such leader.

Award for Outstanding Partnership Work – High Sheriff Cup

Sgt Jason Henry

Sgt. Henry has led a mentoring project to steer young people away from knife crime.

The YOLO project brings together the Newcastle and Sunderland Football Foundations and no less than 6 local authority youth offending teams. Between all partners, Sgt Henry has created positive, open routes for communication – meaning that all partners feel assured that Northumbria Police values and prioritises the prevention of serious violence offending in young people.

Amazing Place to Work Award Sponsored by Unison

TRiM Team

There are now 61 TRiM practitioners across the force from all ranks, who have given their time to support more than 600 colleagues at a time of need. This incredible team is enabling the workforce to speak openly and honestly about their experiences around trauma and mental health. Thanks to them, our workforce is growing in resilience and is more and more able to cope with the ever-demanding challenges of their policing role.

The Roy Toogood Memorial Award – Road Safety

PC Derek Longstaff

The roads covered by Northumbria Police are safer due to Derek’s professionalism and dedication to road safety. He has delivered a very emotive speech thousands of times that describes an incident, where he has to be the one who breaks the worst possible news to a family. He has reduced the most hardened audiences to tears and the feedback and gratitude he receives reflects the importance of what he is trying to achieve.

Award for Extraordinary Public Service – The Catherine Pawlikow Memorial Award

DO Paul Carr

Paul always goes the extra mile with prisoners taking time to listen to them and address their needs. This is well above what is expected of him within his role. Through these interactions Paul has prevented numerous colleagues from being assaulted in violent confrontations. His dedication to the organisation and passion for the role shines through.

Award for Outstanding Bravery – Tony Teare Award Sponsored by the Police Federation

PC Tracy Cook

While off-duty, Tracy became suspicious after spotting a man trying to hotwire a stolen motorbike. Upon seeing her he fled the scene but within minutes he had returned with two other men. The gang threatened her with ammonia but Tracy grasped onto the motorcycle and wrestled with the man in the middle of the street. Officers arrived on scene and within minutes had arrested a suspect. Tracy was left with significant bruising to her legs as a result of the incident.

Award for Outstanding Contribution – Dog of the Year Sponsored by

PC Adam Fegan and PD Max

A dangerous driver who led police on a 20 minute pursuit before jumping out of the moving car was brought to the ground thanks to this heroic dog and handler combo. With police dog Max on his tail, there was no escape for this suspect. Round of ‘a-paws’ for PD Max!

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