Advice and information on Coronavirus

Find out about the Government restrictions on Coronavirus and where to look for advice.

Our position on the Coronavirus restrictions

At Northumbria Police we pride ourselves on the fantastic relationships we have formed with our communities.

During the pandemic, the North East has come together during what has been a very difficult time for many of us.

As we start to see a rise in infections across the region it is vitally important that we all follow the regulations.

Everyone has a role to play.

Northumbria Police resolves issues every single day by talking to members of the public and we will continue to do this by engaging, explaining and encouraging people to follow the restrictions.

We have no desire to use the formal powers now made available to policing but it’s right that we’re able to enforce against those who disregard these measures and put people at risk. 

These are unprecedented times and we ask that you work with us and other emergency services.

Please follow the restrictions in place to prevent the spread of the virus so we can protect our fantastic region.

Support and advice 

For information concerning the nature of the restrictions, advice and support visit the Government’s website to find out more.


Tell us about your concerns

The vast majority are following the Government's requests, and we thank them. However, if you are concerned someone isn't - please let us know. 

Reporting someone selling non-essential goods or a non-essential premises remaining open throughout the Coronavirus outbreak should be done so via a local authority or Trading Standards.


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