The Environmental Services team within your local authority will investigate the source of the waste and will target areas that frequently see fly tipping. The land owner or tenant is responsible for the removal of illegally dumped waste on privately owned land.

  • If you have discovered or witnessed fly tipping and the offenders are no longer present please contact your council’s Environmental Health team who can attend to this matter for you and liaise with the police if needed.
  • If it is safe to do so record any details of vehicles involved to pass onto the council to help identify the culprits. Do not confront the offenders or put yourself in a dangerous position.


What if I know who is responsible?

Provide as much information as possible to your local council who are capable of prosecuting offenders if they are identified.

Who can come tidy up the rubbish left behind?

Your local council can remove the rubbish and tidy up the area. They will search the rubbish for any identifiable material to prosecute offenders.

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