Neighbour watch

Neighbours coming together means more eyes and ears are available to look out for anything suspicious happening that could cause worry or concern. Joining a Neighbourhood Watch is an opportunity to be a good neighbour, care for your community and develop close relationships with Northumbria Police and your Local Authority.

There is more to Neighbourhood Watch than protecting homes and properties against burglary. By working together neighbours can help reduce all sorts of crimes. They can work in partnership with the local neighbourhood policing team and local councils to combat issues like vandalism, graffiti, poor lighting and improve local amenities.

How can I get involved?

There are lots of ways you can help make your neighbourhood a safer place, whatever your skills, availability or experience. You can be anything from a part-time volunteer, to a Special Constable with the same powers as a regular police officer. Find your local Neighbourhood Watch.


Who can join a neighbourhood watch scheme?

Anyone can join a neighbourhood watch scheme, whatever your skills, availability or experience. Find out about your local scheme by following the below links.

What if there’s no scheme available in my area?

Visit the Neighbourhood Watch website, which provides information how to introduce and register a scheme in your area.

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