Our Prevention through Education Team supports schools and community groups in the Northumbria Police area.

Our goal

Our goal is to help keep young people safe and prevent them from becoming victims and perpetrators of crime by delivering tailored, interactive learning sessions whilst also building a positive relationship with police.

What We Do

How we work with you

Our lessons are designed and delivered by our award-winning Prevention Through Education Advisers. They have extensive teaching and learning experience and their work has been praised nationally by NWG and Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Constabulary.

Some of our sessions are delivered at the SafetyWorks! centre in Benwell, Newcastle. The centre is an experiential learning hub, where young people engage with a range of interactive safety scenarios in true-to-life settings, helping them learn how to manage risks and live safely.

You will find resources hosted on this webpage that can be downloaded for staff to use with their students or for parents to use for home learning.

Our Prevention Through Education Coordinator is the first point of contact for teachers or other professionals. They will work with you to understand your needs. We have contacts with other departments within Northumbria Police that can offer various specialisms, so please feel free to get in touch with any enquiries and we'll do our best to help.

Our Resources

How the police help

An online interactive tool aimed at supporting young children to recognise how the police can help them and how to seek help from other emergency services. This session is aimed at children aged 4-6 years.

Delivery: To be delivered by school staff, or used for home teaching

Download document: How the Police Help 

PSHE link: KS1 Keeping Safe

Risky behaviours

A workbook that provides a range of activities aimed to support young children understand risks as they begin to take part in interests and hobbies more independently from parents and carers.  The activities allow for the child to think about their own experiences and any potential risks associated with their activities.

Delivery: Suitable for class delivery by school staff, and home learning

Download printable: Risky behaviours workbook Year 3&4 here (PDF) 

Download printable: Risky behaviours workbook Year 5&6 here (PDF) 

PSHE Link: KS2 Keeping Safe       


A PowerPoint-based lesson designed to allow students to reflect on positive images they have of themselves. The lesson will help them to embrace difference and build resilience to social influences. It also addresses how to support one another against bullying, including online bullying. The lesson is aimed at students aged 9-12 yrs.

Delivery: Suitable for class delivery by school staff, and home learning

Download the following three documents:

Self-esteem PowerPoint

Self-esteem lesson plan

Self-esteem extra activities

PSHE Link: KS2 Mental Health, Friendships, Respecting Self and Others


County Lines

A presentation outlining a basic awareness of County Lines is available here for home learning for students to work through.            Download: County Lines KS3+

Further information for parents and carers on how to recognise the signs of County Lines exploitation can be downloaded here: County Lines Parent/ Carer leaflet


PSHE Link: KS 3&4- Financial Choices, Social Influences, Bullying Abuse & Discrimination,

KS5 Managing Risk and Personal Safety

Personal choices

Peer pressure: An interactive scenario-based lesson looking at peer pressure and the consequences of crime. This lesson helps students understand where pressures from peers and family members to participate in criminal and unsafe situations come from and how to recognise such behaviours, whilst emphasising that young people have a choice. Lesson aimed at students aged 10-12 yrs.

Delivery: Group delivery by Northumbria Police Safeguarding Community Advisers at SafetyWorks!

PSHE link: KS2 Families and Close Positive Relationships, Safe Relationships, Shared Responsibilities, Friendships



Internet safety / Sharing Images

Internet safety - suitable for Y5 & 6

We have produced a resource that has been designed for use in the classroom by teachers, or at home by parents and carers with their children. It addresses the risks associated with using the internet. Please use the following link to download it:Internet safety e-learning Year 6 lesson here (PDF)

Sharing Images

Video (7min 42sec): Megan's Story - "Sending Nudes: It Happened To Me" (aimed at ages 11+)

​Megan tells of her experience of sharing an indecent image of herself. The video includes details of where to get help and support. Megan's Story is used with permission from Hampshire Police (www.safe4me.co.uk)

View video on YouTube: Megan's Story

A guide for parents and carers- Sharing nudesDownload: How to speak to your child about sharing images online and support available


Exposure to online pornography and violent content

Exposure to online pornography and violent material from a young age can lead a child to seek out more extreme content, including images of children who are being sexually
abused. Please see the following guide for more information and support.

Download : A guide for parents and carers -Exposure to online pornography and violent content

Financial Exploitation

Money Muling is a form of financial exploitation targeting young people who are coerced into handing over bank details to criminals offering 'quick cash'.  Criminals will launder money obtained from criminal activities through the young person's account.

This short lesson is aimed at young people as they prepare for further education or employment to raise awareness of this crime, how criminals target young people and the consequences if a young person becomes involved. This lesson supports the National UK Finance and CIFAS Campaign "Don't Be Fooled". It is suitable for delivery by school/college staff for Key Stage 5 (Year 12+) taking approximately 10 minutes to complete.

The lesson can be downloaded here: Money Mules v1.1

Further resources: Printable posters 

Download printable: Money Mule Poster A3

Download printable: Money Mule Poster 1- Chinese version

Download Printable: Money Mule Poster 2- Chinese version 

Team News

Check here for the latest information from our Education Team

12/12/2022 - This term we've delivered our Y6 Peer Pressure session to 1529 students who visited the SafetyWorks! facility from 39 schools across Gateshead and Newcastle. A further 132 students from 5 schools took part in sessions on drugs awareness for Y8+

Our work at SafetyWorks! will continue in the new year with schools from North Tyneside, Northumberland, and Sunderland joining us.

To find out more about SafetyWorks! please visit their website


07/09/2022 - We’re looking forward to the new school year, and it brings with it a change in how our team works. We’ll be collaborating more with neighbourhood policing teams and partners to better understand which schools will benefit most from our input, meaning we’ll be able to target our resources more effectively. 

We'll be spending the next three weeks at the SafetyWorks! facility delivering our Peer Pressure session to Y6 students from Newcastle schools. To find out more about SafetyWorks! please visit their website

Contact us 

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to see how we can support your school.

Send us an email at: school.liaison@northumbria.police.uk

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If you need to report a crime or complaint, always call 999 in an emergency, 101 for a non-emergency incident or report online by clicking here

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