Our Prevention through Education Team supports schools and community groups in the Northumbria Police area.

Our goal

Our goal is to help keep young people safe and prevent them from becoming victims of crime by delivering tailored, interactive learning sessions whilst also building a positive relationship with police.

What we do

How we work with you

We work with young people aged from 5 years, whether they are part of a school group or a community group.

Our Safeguarding School Coordinators are the first point of contact for teachers or other professionals and will work with you to understand your needs. You can make an initial enquiry with our Coordinators. 

Lessons are then designed and delivered by our award-winning Safeguarding Community Advisors. They have extensive teaching and learning experience and their work has been praised nationally by NWG and Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Constabulary.

Some of our sessions can be delivered at the Safetyworks centre in Benwell, Newcastle. The centre is an experiential learning hub, where young people engage with a range of interactive safety scenarios in true-to-life settings, helping them learn how to prevent danger and live safely.

Our areas of focus

The lessons we deliver link into the PHSE curriculum, so that you and your young people get maximum benefit from the input. These customised sessions cover a range of topics including:

  • Criminal Exploitation
  • Sexual Exploitation
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Mental Health
  • Harmful Practices (Drugs and Alcohol)

Find out more about the lessons our Prevention Through Education Team deliver here.

Our lessons

How the police help

PSHE link: KS1 Keeping Safe

An online interactive tool aimed at supporting young children to recognise how the Police can help them and how to seek help from other Emergency Services. This session is aimed at children aged 4-6 years.

Delivery: To be delivered by School staff, Neighbourhood Police Officers or home teaching

Risky behaviours

PSHE Link: KS2 Keeping Safe       

A workbook that provides a range of activities aimed to support young children understand risks as they begin to take park in interests and hobbies more independently from Parents and Carers.  The activities allow for the child to think about their own experiences and reduce the risk to their own activities.

Delivery: Suitable for class delivery and home learning

Download printable: Risky behaviors workbook Year 3&4 here (PDF) 

Download printable: Risky behaviors workbook Year 5&6 here (PDF) 



PSHE Link: KS2 Mental Health, Friendships, Respecting Self and Others

A powerpoint based lesson aimed to allow students to reflect on positive images they have of themselves. The lesson helps to embrace difference and build resilience from social influences and support one another against bullying including online bullying. The lesson is aimed at students aged 9-12 yrs.

Download the following three documents: Self-esteem powerpoint

Self-esteem lesson plan

Self-esteem extra activities

Delivery: Suitable for class delivery by school staff, home learning or by Police Safeguarding Community Advisors

Sexual exploitation

PSHE Link: KS2 Safe Relationships, Respecting Self and Others

KS3/4- Self Concept, Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco, Managing Risk and Personal Safety, Sexual Health, Relationships

KS5- Relationships, Media Literacy and Digital Resilience

A programme of lessons designed to help students understand different aspects of Sexual Exploitation, recognise the signs and how to seek help. Topics include Positive relationships, Vulnerability, Consent, Grooming, Online exploitation, Sexual Health and Support through Criminal Justice System. Lessons are aimed at students aged 10yrs+. Lessons can be tailored to help meet your needs. Please contact our School Coordinators here to discuss your requirements.

Delivery: Group sessions delivered by Safeguarding Community Advisors

Harmful practices

PSHE Link: KS3/4 Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco

Interactive learning highlighting the effects and consequences of drug use through the use of drunk/drug goggles and drug replicas. The lesson focuses on the dangers of NPS but can be amended to support concerns around particular drug use. Contact our School Coordinators for further information regarding your specific requirements. Aimed at students aged 12yrs+

Delivery: Face to face by Safeguarding Community Advisors

Criminal exploitation/ County Lines

PSHE Link: KS 3&4- Financial Choices, Social Influences, Bullying Abuse & Discrimination,

KS5 Managing Risk and Personal Safety

A range of lessons covering topics such as County Lines, Organised Crime, Gangs and Knife Crime. The aim of the sessions is to assist students understand vulnerability, how Criminal Exploitation occurs, recognise the signs someone may be exploited for criminal purposes and access to support. “A Basic Awareness of County Lines” presentation available for home learning for students to work through prior to further detailed delivery.

Download: County Lines KS3+

  Please contact School Coordinators here (link to contact us) to discuss your specific requirements. Aimed at students 12+ yrs

Delivery: Group Delivery from Safeguarding Community Advisors

Healthy relationships/ personal choices

PSHE links: KS2 Families and Close Positive Relationships, Safe Relationships, Shared Responsibilities, Friendships

An interactive scenario based lesson looking at Peer Pressure and consequences of crime. This lesson helps students to understanding pressures from peers and interfamilial pressures to participate in criminal and unsafe situations come from, how to recognise such behaviours and emphasising that young people have a choice. Lesson aimed at students aged 10-12 yrs.

Delivery: Group delivery from Safeguarding Community Advisors at SafetyWorks

Virtual reality

PSHE Links: KS3/4/5 Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco

KS3/4/5 Managing Risk and Personal Safety

An exciting set of lessons utilising virtual reality to immerse students in scenarios to help recognise the signs someone may need help. The lessons cover the topics of Child Sexual Exploitation, Coercive Control and Night Time Economy. Aimed at students aged 13+

Delivery: Group deliveries by Safeguarding Community Advisors

Special educational needs and older persons deliveries

Aforementioned lessons can be tailored to meet the educational requirements of students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities but also lessons can be provided as part of SafetyWorks examining how members of the public can seek help from the Police and the service should they expect.

Older Persons Exploitation sessions also include awareness of Bogus Callers and Mate Crime.

Delivery: Group deliveries by Safeguarding Community Advsiors at SafetyWorks

Internet safety

Age appropriate lessons to support young people to identify risks on the internet.

Delivery: Suitable for home learning, class delivery by school staff or Northumbria Police Safeguarding Community Advisors

Download: Internet safety e-learning Year 6 lesson here (PDF)

Contact us 

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to see how we can support your school.

Send us an email to: school.liaison@northumbria.pnn.police.uk

Let us know: 

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  • Your school or group
  • Email address
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  • Let us know your group’s needs or which lessons you’re interested in

Please note: our mailbox is monitored Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm (school holidays included).

If you need to report and crime or complaint, always call 999 in an emergency, 101 for a non-emergency incident or report online by clicking here

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