Clare’s Law – Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme

Find out how to make a Clare's Law request.

What is Clare's Law?

Clare’s Law is a national scheme that ensures people can make informed decisions about their relationship and escape if necessary.  Absolutely anyone can apply to use Clare’s Law and request information from Northumbria Police.  

The domestic violence disclosure scheme is free and always 100% confidential. So if you’re worried about your own relationship, or someone else’s, ask us to check the record- you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

How do I make a Clare's Law request?

You can make a domestic violence disclosure request by pressing the button below. 


Please note: this form is not monitored 24/7 and should NOT be used to report emergencies or incidents. 

If you believe that someone is in imminent danger, ring 999 immediately.

If you need assistance completing the form, contact us.


Who can make a Clare’s Law request?

Anyone can make a Clare’s Law request if they are concerned for their own safety or that of a friend or family member. We may choose to only disclose information to the person at risk.

What happens after I’ve made the request?

If you request a disclosure about your partner, it is likely you would be given any details directly, unless the police felt it was in your best interests to tell someone else instead.

If you request a disclosure as a third party, the police may well go straight to the potential victim of abuse to make the disclosure. If they are young, or especially vulnerable, they might disclose to their parents or someone else who can help keep them safe. This means that you might not be told the outcome if you request a disclosure about someone else. It doesn’t mean nothing has been done, but that the police don’t feel you need to be told to prevent any abuse.

I can’t complete the form online, what can I do?

You can attend the front office of your local police station during open hours and they will complete the request with you.

Will my partner find out that I’ve been in contact with the police?

Clare’s Law Requests are confidential. We will not inform the subject of the Clare’s Law Request that you have applied.

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