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Police officer hailed a hero for saving driver's life after he hd a medical episode at the wheel
21 Nov | 12:25

PC Michael Marshall realised the man had suffered a medical episode behind the wheel

A police officer who stopped a motorist when they drove through a red light has been hailed a hero - after his quick actions saved their life.

PC Michael Marshall was waiting at a red light in his patrol car on Askew Road in Gateshead on Monday, October 29, when he was overtaken by a car.

He was shocked to see the white Toyota Aygo go straight through a red light so he followed towards the Tyne Bridge.

PC Marshall turned on his blues and twos and safely brought the vehicle to a stop.

But he quickly realised all was not as it seemed after approaching the 60-year-old driver and finding that he was dazed and confused.

Believing the man was having a medical episode, PC Marshall contacted the ambulance service who took him to hospital.

It has since emerged that the man had suffered a serious medical episode but has since been discharged from hospital and will make a full recovery.

PC Marshall, who is a response officer covering Newcastle, said he does not feel like a hero and is just "glad the man is on the mend".

He said: "At first I thought it may have been a drink driver because the manner of the driving was quite erratic and they had flown straight through a red light.

"It turned out the vehicle had also been involved in a collision with a stationary vehicle earlier that evening so my first thought was that I'd be arresting the driver.

"As soon as I started speaking to him I knew that something was wrong and I thought that he had possibly had a stroke.

"I'm glad that I was able to stop him before he went any further as it could have resulted in a collision that could have caused serious injuries to him or other members of the public.

"I've been to visit him in hospital and I am glad that his condition has improved. At the end of the day that is the most important thing.

"Most officers would have done the same thing in my position so I don't consider myself a hero. I was just in the right place at the right time."

PC Marshall has been praised by Newcastle's top police officer who said the officer’s actions had helped to save lives.

Central Area Commander Chief Superintendent Neil Hutchison said: "It was great to hear about Michael's actions. This was a very dangerous situation not just for the driver who needed urgent medical attention but also for other road users.

“The consequences of an out of control vehicle on the Tyne Bridge could clearly be devastating.

“Having brought the car to a stop Michael quickly realised that this man was experiencing a serious medical episode and got him the urgent treatment he needed.

"I am very proud to hear yet another amazing story of our officer’s saving people's lives."


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