Northumbria officer receives national recognition for LGBT+ work
26 Oct | 17:00

We are proud to announce that a member of our LGBT+ Association has been celebrated nationally for his work in making the Force more inclusive and representative.

Chief Inspector Steve Hails this week received recognition in the OutStanding LGBT+ Public Sector Executive Role Models 2018, sponsored by the Financial Times.

The officer, who was elected to the LGBT+ Association for a second time in January this year, was placed at number 17 in the Top 30 Public Executives list for his work which includes mentoring chief officers on key issues affecting the community and the association co-hosting a shared learning event which focused on domestic violence within same sex relationships.

Speaking about his accolade, he said: “I am delighted and hugely honoured to feature in the list. After almost 30 years’ service it makes me incredibly proud to know the work we are doing here in Northumbria is being well received across all communities and to see how much of a difference it is making in helping our LGBT+ residents engage with the Force, and our officers and staff be themselves at work.

“There is a whole team of us within the LGBT+ Association who are dedicated to promoting inclusivity and diversity and we are immensely proud of what we have achieved so far, from being shortlisted in the Pink News Awards 2018, to appearing in the Stonewall Workforce Equality Index 2018 and making it into the Inclusive Top 50 Employers for 2018/19.”

Assistant Chief Constable Rachel Bacon, the Force’s lead for equality, was also full of praise for Chief Insp Hails and the LGBT+ Association.

“This national recognition is thoroughly deserved and is a testament to the tremendous dedication shown by Steve to help ensure as a Force we are inclusive and representative of the communities we serve,” she said.

“I am proud of what Steve and the LGBT+ Association have achieved and I am sure with their continued enthusiasm and dedication we will continue to move forward.”

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