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Police warn of telephone scam after pensioner in Sunderland tricked into paying £6,000
24 Oct | 16:50

Police are warning people to be wary of a telephone scam which saw a pensioner in Sunderland tricked into paying £6,000.


Last Friday (October 19), an 87-year-old man from the Carley Hill area of Sunderland received a call from an unknown male claiming to be a police officer.


The caller alleged he was investigating fraud in the area and needed cash in order to catch those trying to access the victim’s funds.


The man subsequently withdrew £6,000 from his account and later handed the money over to the offender, who visited his home address.


Enquiries are ongoing to trace those responsible and the victim of the scam has been supported by police.


In a separate incident on Monday (October 22), an 84-year-old man living in the Fulwell area of Sunderland alerted police after being contacted by a man who claimed to work for New Scotland Yard.


The pensioner was told somebody had been using one of his cards in north London, and the caller then attempted to obtain personal information from him over the phone.


No information was disclosed and the victim contacted about the suspected scam.


Police are now urging members of the public to remain vigilant.


Acting Sergeant Samuel Brown, of Northumbria Police, said: “Scammers are sophisticated criminals who often target and try to steal money from the most vulnerable in our communities.


“We would advise members of the public to be vigilant of phone scams and ensure their loved ones are made aware that some criminals operate in this way to try to achieve a quick win.


“People should never disclose personal information or security details, such as your PIN or banking password, over the phone to anyone.


“Anybody who does receive a call like this should ignore the instructions and report it to police. Never assume a phone call is authentic and we advise anyone who feels uncomfortable or anxious when receiving a phone call to hang up and contact 101.”

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