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Northumbria Police are looking for locals to sign up to be a Special Constable
01 Apr | 15:07

Specials are made up of members of the public who volunteer their time to take on the duties of a police officer and we’re looking for those people who want to add another layer to their life.

Maybe they have found themselves in a daily routine that they want to break or want to use their free time after work to do something different and help their local community.

It doesn’t have to be a massive commitment, you can do as little as four hours a week or you can take after one of our current Special Constables who went above and beyond and carried out 2148 hours service in last 12 months!

There is a minimum age of 18 to join but you don't need to be young to be a Special, the oldest volunteer we have is 60.

The latest recruits joined the force in the New Year, but there are many Specials who have dedicated decades to the force, one with a 38 year service history!

Chief Superintendent Sarah Pitt, lead on volunteers for Northumbria Police, talks of the importance of the role and her gratitude to those who volunteer.

She said: “The work of our volunteer's is nothing less than extraordinary and the skills, attributes and experience gained by becoming a Special are limitless.

“We’re looking for people who might feel the need for a change in their lives, a new adventure or positive use of their time.

“Specials enable us to continue to provide an outstanding service to the communities we serve by not only supporting us operationally but by playing a key role in that service.

“Their commitment to protecting the people of the North East is boundless- especially when you consider that most volunteer for this role on top of having a full time job.”

"I am grateful to everyone who dedicates their time and skills so that together we can try and make a difference.”

In Northumbria, there are currently 165 specials across the force, and each one of them have the same powers as regular police officers, they wear the same uniform and carry the same equipment.

Many people may think being a Special Constable is time consuming, however, they only need to give up four hours a week although they can offer more if they wish, in fact some of our specials put in as many hours as regular police officers!

They support all areas of the Force and work with response, neighbourhood and on occasion with specialist teams. Current Special, Ryan Young, talks of the benefits and why he loves volunteering.

He said: “I’ve been a Special now for almost two years and I’ve never regretted a day. I have control over when and where I work and every shift I’m dealing with something different.

“From investigating crimes such as burglaries, assaults, collisions and more, to helping support victims and making an impact in the community. No day is the same and the job satisfaction I get from it makes it all worth it- I’d recommend it to everyone.”

If you’d like to add a new section to your CV then why don’t you consider becoming a Northumbria Police Special Constable- applications are open now!

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