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'Our roads are not a race track' - officers issue warning to drivers after two boy racers are convicted
18 Apr | 12:38

The Operation Dragoon team witnessed the two drivers speeding at more than 80mph through Wallsend, despite the limit being just 40mph.

Police have warned drivers that they will not tolerate racing on the roads - as they reveal how two boy racers have been convicted in court.

Officers in Northumbria Police's Operation Dragoon team have released footage of the two drivers racing through Wallsend to warn drivers of the consequences of irresponsible behaviour on the roads.

Brandon Foster, 21, and Peter Wynn, 20, both had their licences torn up by the courts last month after being stopped by police in September last year.

Uniformed officers had been on patrol in an unmarked police car when they spotted a silver Ford Focus and a black Ford Fiesta waiting at the traffic lights on Wallsend high street.

They were stunned to see the Fiesta speed off well in excess of the 20mph as soon as the lights turned green - with the Focus following shortly behind.

Officers from the Op Dragoon team set off in pursuit of the vehicles and soon caught up with them on nearby Hadrian Road where they were driving at more than 80mph - despite the limit being just 40mph.

It was at this point that police put on their blue lights and sirens and pulled over the Ford Fiesta, finding Foster sitting behind the wheel.

Foster was stopped and interviewed at the scene but Wynn, who had been identified as the registered keeper of the Focus, had driven away. He was interviewed at his home later that day.

When questioned about his driving Foster claimed that he was driving so quick because he was desperate for the toilet and was trying to get home.

Wynn claimed that he was speeding to catch up with the Fiesta as he wanted to speak to the driver about a minor collision between the two vehicles.

However, both men were charged with dangerous driving and admitted the offences when they appeared at Newcastle Crown Court on March 1. 

Both men were banned from the roads for 18 months and handed community orders stating they have to carry out 250 hours of unpaid work.

Now, Sergeant Glen Robson, part of the Operation Dragoon team, said that the convictions should come as a warning to other drivers looking to race on the roads.

He said: "The manner of this driving was completely unacceptable and there is no place for it on our region’s roads.

"The excuses they provided in police interview were pathetic and they knew fine well that they were driving in a dangerous manner which is why they admitted it in court.

"At times these drivers were driving at double the legal speed limit in a built up area of North Tyneside. If they had crashed we would have been talking about a very serious accident.

"The reason we are releasing this footage is because we want to warn motorists, that our roads are not a race track.

"There is nothing wrong with being passionate about cars and speaking to people about your vehicle.             

"But if you want to keep your licence then don't make the same mistake as these two. Respect the law and those you have to share the road with."

Foster, of Coquet Gardens, Wallsend, and Wynn, of Barmouth Close, Wallsend, were both convicted of dangerous driving. They were each handed a 12-month community order making them to carry out 250 hours in unpaid work.

They were also banned from driving for 18 months and made to pay £150 in costs and an £85 victim surcharge.

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