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Officers in Berwick continue their efforts to put an emergency stop to car crime
16 Aug | 13:14

Seven vehicles have been seized in Berwick over the past three weeks as part of ongoing police activity to keep roads and communities safe.

The vehicles were seized for various offences including driving without a valid driving licence and no insurance.

Neighbourhood Inspector John Swan, said how important it is to keep offenders off the roads.

He said: “All road offences pose a risk to motorists and pedestrians and we carry out a number of operations and initiatives to ensure roads remain safe and free of those not insured or qualified to be on them.

“Hopefully this sends a strong message to motorists, whether in built up areas or our more rural communities – no matter where you are, if you shouldn’t be on our roads, we’ll make sure you’re taken off them!”

If you suspect that someone is breaking the rules of the road then please contact us on 101 or using our online contact form at our website


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