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Brave mother of baby stabbed to death by his father speaks on how her "worst nightmare came true"
19 Dec | 16:57

A brave mother who witnessed her partner stab to death their three-week-old son before he turned the knife on her has spoken about how her “worst nightmare came true”.

Andreea Stefan, 21, has revealed she will “never forgive” Denis Beytula after he stabbed their son Andrei to death on October 2 at the home they shared in Wallsend.

Beytula was jailed for life at Newcastle Crown Court today (Thursday) after the crazed attack in which he fatally stabbed the infant twice before violently stabbing Andreea six times.

Andreea watched on from the public gallery as prosecutors outlined an abusive relationship druing which Beytula stopped her socialising with friends, made her delete social media accounts and threatened to kill himself if she left him.

Following the sentencing hearing, the brave victim spoke of her “broken” heart and said “no sentence ever given at court would have been enough”.

Andreea said: “It is impossible for me to put into words the impact that this attack has had on me or how I feel in this moment.

“Denis was a man who was supposed to love me and my son. He was supposed to take care of us and keep us safe.

“But in one moment Denis shattered my whole world. In that one moment my heart was broken and my worst nightmare came true.

“I remember Andrei being brought to me in hospital so I could have one last goodbye before he took his last breath.

“I suffered six stab wounds myself and had lots of internal bleeding but that pain was nothing compared to the pain of my broken heart.

“I will never see him grow up, make friends, go to school or get married. No parent should have to attend their child’s funeral or see their baby in a coffin.

“I have spent every second of my life since that day looking for reasons that could have made the outcome different.

“I have blamed myself for not breaking up with Denis earlier but only those who have been in a controlling relationship will understand why I stayed.

“He made me feel like I could not find anyone better and that nobody else could be a father to our son. He manipulated me and said everything he did was for love.

“But now I know that what he had for me was not love. Love doesn’t try to control you, love doesn’t threaten you and love doesn’t kill babies.

“While Denis made me a victim, I made myself a survivor.

“No sentence given to him at court today would have been enough. Not when my baby is dead and he is still breathing in his prison cell.

“With everything I am, with everything I have ever been, and with everything I will ever be, I will never forgive him.”

Detective Inspector Graeme Dodds, of Northumbria Police’s Homicide and Major Investigation Team, has also praised the bravery shown by Andreea and her family.

He said: “I know his sentence will come as little comfort to Andreea who will carry the physical and emotional scars of the attack with her forever.

“But I want to take this opportunity to say how proud we are of her for the strength and resilience she has shown throughout this investigation.

“We hope that today can bring her some closure and that she can begin to find herself again now that Denis Beytula is behind bars.”

If you have been a victim of domestic abuse, contact police on 101, or 999 in an emergency, or visit the ‘Tell us Something’ pages of our website.

Victims can also contact Victims First Northumbria on 0800 011 3116 who will give independent advice and support.

For more information about domestic abuse advice search Northumbria Police online. All our webpages have a 'hide page' function and there is guidance on deleting your internet history.

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