Family pay tribute to 'special' little girl tragically killed in hit and run
12 Dec | 17:15

Connor Marsden may have pleaded guilty to this case and spared us the ordeal of a trial but that has offered us no comfort.


He drove off from the scene that day and left our little girl to die in the road instead of stopping to try and help save her life.


The sentence handed to him today does not make us feel better. No jail term would ever be enough for us or our family.


He will eventually be able to leave prison and he will get a second chance to live his life. That does not seem fair to us when he has robbed Melissa of her life.


Not a day goes past that we don’t think of Melissa or think of the beautiful, successful woman we knew she would grow in to.


We will never see her get married or have children and that still tears us apart every single day. We will never get over that pain.


No parent should have to outlive their child and no parent should ever have to bury their child. 


The only comfort we have got from this case is the overwhelming support from the public who have rallied around us at this difficult time.


The kind messages we have received about Melissa since her death have only confirmed what we knew. She was a special girl who touched everyone she met.


We now have to try to keep fighting for Melissa and move on with our lives but we will never, ever forget her.


I hope that Connor Marsden truly understands what he has done to our family and I hope the guilt of taking Melissa from us lives with him forever.

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