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Cybercrime experts call on teens to use their tech skills for good – to prevent themselves falling victim to crime
04 Jul | 17:11

Cyber crime experts have called on teenagers to use their skills for good – to prevent themselves falling victim to crime.


A team of specially trained staff from Northumbria Police’s new cyber prevent team have been busy visiting schools and colleges to speak with pupils this week.


They have been explaining how the cyber-savvy teens can use their online skills in a positive way, making sure they know what the law and understand what would constitute as a crime under the Computer Misuse Act.


Officers have also delivered workshops to parents, asking them to be aware of their child’s online activity.


Detective Inspector Sally McDonald, who oversees the work of the Cyber Prevent Team, said the Force wants to prevent vulnerable people from falling victim to crime in the first place.


She said: “At Northumbria police we aim to be at the forefront of technology and are working hard to tackle cybercrime and protect vulnerable victims.


“We know that pursuing offenders and bringing them to justice is just one way we can deal with cybercrime, but preventing people from getting involved in crime in the first place is more important.


“These kind of sessions can help us work towards protecting people from becoming victims of some very serious crimes such as hacking, blackmail and Malware.


“We’ve had great feedback so far from these sessions, particularly around making sure people understand what the law says and knowing how to apply this in real life.


“It’s great to get out into the community and encourage young people to use their incredible tech skills in a safe and legal way.”

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