Quick-thinking pupil awarded special thanks by top Northumbria cop
23 Jul | 16:09

A quick-thinking pupil was presented with a certificate of ‘Special Thanks’ by one of Northumbria Police’s Chief Officers after his quick-thinking actions helped a lost young girl.

George Maxwell, 11, was walking along Market Street in Dudley when he noticed a young girl who had gotten separated from her family after following a dog she had seen.

George immediately sprang into action and took the girl to a nearby salon to get an adult to call the police and shortly after the two-year-old was reunited with her father who had been frantically searching the area for her.

Assistant Chief Constable David Felton attended Fordley Primary School in Dudley last Friday (July 19), to meet George and thank him for his actions.

He said: “As a father myself, I know that this is a parent’s worst nightmare so I’m delighted to be able to award George with this well-deserved certificate.

“His quick-thinking and calm actions helped reassure the lost girl and get her to someone who could call police.

“He should be very proud of himself and I hope others see his actions and will look to help others if they see someone in need.”

George was presented with his award in a school assembly where his fellow peers and teachers cheered him on.

Fordley Primary School’s Head Teacher, Claire Withers, said how proud they were of their year six leaver.

She said: “We are so very proud of George and his actions and are thrilled Northumbria Police wanted to recognise that and present him with this award- it is well-deserved!”

“It was great for the other children in the school to see George presented with this award as they now know what to do if they are ever in that situation.

“Here in Dudley we’re all about the community coming together to help one another and George’s actions reinforced that- a huge well done from all of us here at Fordley!”

The surprise award came as a shock for young George and he was overwhelmed by the applause from his peers, family and Northumbria Police.

George said: “I can’t believe it; I just saw that she didn’t know where she was and knew I had to help in some way.

“I know the area so knew if I went inside a shop then an adult would be able to call the police and find her family.

 “I’m happy everything turned out ok and really pleased with my certificate- all my friends are asking to see it!”

George’s parents, Nicola and Colin, said how proud they were of George of how he acted.

Nicola said: “We’re just filled with so much pride. We love him so much and are very proud of the young man he is growing up to be.

“He has always been really good with children and he handled the situation brilliantly- we honestly couldn’t be prouder.”


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