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Specialist cyber advice given to call handlers to help victims of hacking and ransomware
01 Jul | 10:17

Call handlers at Northumbria Police have been issued with a specialist guide to help improve the experience of victims of cybercrime. 

The new aide, which has been compiled by Claire Vandenbroecke, one the Force’s specialist Protect and Prepare cyber officers, provides comprehensive information on the various types of cybercrime the Force now had to deal with, ranging from ransomware, malicious software to fraud and revenge porn.

It also outlines how staff answering 101 calls and the Force’s new online reporting tool should record details of various cybercrimes and includes initial, bespoke advice for victims.

Claire, who previously worked in the communications department for the Force said: “Cybercrime is one of the biggest threats facing the UK right now and as a Force, we have to make sure our response to this is the best it can be.

“That means not only having skilled staff who understand the current threats that are out there, but it also means having the right tools at our disposal to help protect and support victims who have been affected by this.

“Having previously worked for the Force’s communications department I was able to identify ways in which we can speed up our response to reports of cybercrime and make sure victims are protected from the first possible opportunity.”

If you think you have been a victim of cybercrime contact us by calling 101 or visit our website for other ways to report a crime:

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