WANTED: Evil Pea - described as green, wears a cape and is stealing toys in Cramlington!
08 Jul | 13:19

Officers in Cramlington help catch all kinds of criminals but after visiting the pupils at Seghill Primary School last week they’ve been asked to catch a new caped criminal who was disturbing the PEA-ce.

The officers visited to help teach the pupils about emergency services and how police officers can help them stay safe and solve crimes.

However, one child in particular wasn’t too hap-PEA with a certain cooked crook and asked officers to help him design a wanted poster for the villainous vegetable.

Some of the other children also took the time to draw up pictures of officers, their cars and police horses and ask them questions about what they do.

Sergeant Steve Nicklin, who is one of the officers who polices Cramlington, said: “It is really important that we educate children around how we can help and start to build a relationship of trust early on.

“We often get used by parents as a form of punishment- ‘behave or I’ll get the policeman to come and take you away’- so we need to show children that we’re the friendly officers who will come and help in an emergency. Visits to schools and the work we do with the teachers really helps with this so it’s great to be able to come into schools and teach a session.”

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