Officers from Northumbria Police have teamed up with partners in the Ashington community to help keep children safe and educated on important issues
11 Jun | 13:04

Over recent months Ashington Neighbourhood Officers have worked closely with pupils from Grace Darling Academy in Newbiggin, and William Leech Campus in Lynemouth, to discuss various issues surrounding anti-social behaviour, personal safety, plastic pollution, water safety and respecting communities.

As a result the officers, along with partners, carried our projects to help demonstrate the dangers of certain activities and how to keep others and themselves safe.

This included a litter pick in the Newbiggin area and a day with Northumbria Water and their team at Landal Kielder Waterside who organised a full day of activities where the pupils learned about the dangers of playing in or near open water, and how to stay safe, as well as about the environment and water resources.

PC Carly Gibson, PC Hilary Sim and CSO Phil Raisbeck, all from Ashington Neighbourhood Policing Team, ran the initiative.

CSO Phil Raisbeck said: “All this was to get the children thinking about the effects all these issues have on communities and the environment. Providing a platform where they could learn about staying safe within their community and why it’s important to look out for each other.

“All the children who took part were enthusiastic and showed a real passion for what they were learning.”

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