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Police turn up the heat on summer disorder
27 Jun | 15:08

Officers patrolling Northumbria’s coastlines are reminding the public to be respectful of others whilst enjoying the warm weather.

With lighter nights and warmer evenings setting in, more people are expected to be out and about taking in the vitamin D and socialising in the sun.

Now, heading into the weekend, officers are asking those looking to venture out along the regions’ beautiful beaches and coastal towns to make sure they do so with respect and a mindful attitude.

Any disorder or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated and Chief Inspector Ron Charlton has reassured communities that work is being carried out to take action against anyone causing disorder. 

He said: “As the warm weather sinks in we’ll start to see a large increase of people visiting our coastlines and beaches. This is always likely to bring with it increased concerns among the community about anti-social behaviour.

“We know the vast majority of people do not engage in this sort of behaviour but unfortunately a small minority do and this can cause issues for people.

“We’re not here to stop people having fun but we have a responsibility to make sure no one is behaving in a way that intimidates or causes issues for others.

“If we do identify anyone behaving in this way then we will take appropriate action against them.

“Extra officers will be deployed to combat such offences when we know the weather is going to be warmer.

“We would like to reassure local residents and businesses that this is not being taken lightly, and would encourage members of the public who see such behaviour to tell us.

“Our message is clear – enjoy the warm weather, but anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated and will be dealt with accordingly.”

Anyone concerned by anti-social behaviour should stop an officer on patrol, talk to police by calling 101 or by reporting online via our website

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