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Dealing with disguises and dogs - officers across Northumberland and North Tyneside have revealed how they take down burglars
24 Mar | 13:12

Officers working across Northumberland and North Tyneside may have a large geographical area to police but that doesn’t stop detectives working in Northumbria Police’s Northern Burglary Team from using their specialist knowledge and resources to track down burglars and bring them before a judge.

Looking back this past year alone, officers have secured convictions for a number of offenders who tried their best to out-smart police.

From burglars dressing in disguises to fool vulnerable victims, to capturing prolific offenders with the help of some of Northumbria’s Police Dogs, officers really have tackled it all.

Detective Sergeant Dave Boon has now revealed the impact these crimes have on victims and how police and partners support them.

He said: “Burglaries are a very personal crime. To come into someone’s home - often when people are sleeping - is incredibly distressing and can have a lasting impact on victims.

“Here in Northumbria we take a strong and robust stance on these types of crimes and we have specialist teams who tackle them and bring offenders to justice.

“Officers are constantly developing new tactics and techniques to track down offenders and we work regularly with partners to offer crime prevention advice and support victims.”

Officers have also recovered thousands of pounds worth of items taken from homes and premises and reunited priceless items with their rightful owners including family heirlooms, photographs and even a loved ones ashes.

Detective Boon goes on to say: “Our job doesn’t end when we have made an arrest or secured a conviction. We have duty of care for the victims of these crimes and make sure they are supported and where possible reunited with items taken from them.”

Among the notable convictions was 50-year-old Colin Dowse, of Newcastle Street in North shields, who was jailed for two years and seven months for burglary at a chemist in North Tyneside last year.

Another was 31-year-old Steven Brown, of Borough Road in North Shields, who was jailed for three years and three months after committing a number of burglary offences in North Shields last year.

The public are encouraged to contact police to report any suspicious behaviour in their local community by visiting our website at or calling 101.

You can also report suspicious activity anonymously through Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


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