Motorists and homeowners in Blyth have been asked to report crime to police and help catch the culprits
07 Mar | 13:44

Motorists and homeowners have been asked to report crime to police and help catch the culprits – after a spate of thefts in Blyth.

In recent weeks police have become aware of an increase in incidents where thieves have tried to break-in to cars on the Crofton Grange Estate.

Those responsible have been targeting cars left unlocked or vehicles where valuables have been left on display.

Some of these incidents have been reported to police but officers on the Blyth Neighbourhood Policing Team do not think all incidents have been reported.

They are aware of CCTV and information about incidents being posted on social media that has not been passed on to police.

Now Detective Sergeant Chrissie Skillen, of the Northern Burglary Team, has encouraged victims of crime to report it to officers to help them identify offenders.

She said: “A number of enquiries are ongoing to identify those responsible for these incidents but we need the public to work with us.

“Some victims may not think it is worth reporting crime to police if they’ve only lost a bit of loose change but we need to know about it.

“Information about incidents helps us build up patterns of behaviour, identify potential offenders and helps us prevent incidents from taking place.

“The public are our eyes and ears on the ground and we would encourage you all to report incidents to police rather than post details on social media.

“I would also encourage everyone to make sure their vehicles are locked and that valuable items aren’t left on display.

“Opportunist thieves do operate in our local communities but a few small steps can help make their lives a lot more difficult.”

There have also been incidents where offenders have broken into homes to take the keys for a vehicle.

Police are advising residents in the area to take a few simple steps to safeguard their property.

  • Ensure that you lock your car and your house door
  • Keep car keys away from doors and windows
  • Keep an eye on any suspicious activity within your street and report anything unusual to police
  • Where possible use CCTV and security lighting

Anyone who has been a victim of these types of offences, or has noticed suspicious behaviour in your neighbourhood, is asked to report details online at or call the non-emergency 101 number and ask to speak to the Blyth Neighbourhood Policing Team.

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