'Advancements in forensic analysis mean the net is tightening on criminals' - burglar convicted after leaving blood smeared at crime scene
22 May | 10:24

Wayne Carr, 29, of Sunderland, cut himself on a piece of glass which led to his eventual arrest & conviction

A bungling burglar who raided a dental practice has been convicted after leaving blood smeared at his own crime scene.

Wayne Carr, 29, broke into Mydentist Orthodontic Centre on Laura Street, Sunderland, on the evening of August 22 last year.

While inside, the light-fingered thief helped himself to the business’ safe, which contained approximately £850 cash, a mobile phone, several keys and receipts belonging to the practice.

But in his haste for freedom, Carr cut himself on a piece of glass – and inadvertently left traces of his blood at the scene which were spotted when police arrived.

The swabs were sent off for forensic analysis and were later linked back to Carr, who was arrested by police.

Last month (April 24), Carr, of Spring Garden Close, Sunderland, admitted one charge of burglary at South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court.

He was back in the dock on Friday (May 17) and a judge ordered him to pay £2,223 in compensation to the practice. He was also handed a one-year community order.

Detective Constable Graeme Joyce, of Northumbria Police, said: “Wayne Carr was thinking only about himself when he smashed his way into the premises, and in doing so, caused a great deal of distress and upset to owners and staff.

“His selfish actions were laid bare as a result of some fantastic police work, with our forensic team once again working hand-in-hand with officers to ensure an opportunistic offender was convicted and brought before the courts.

“This is another example of how advancements in forensic analysis mean the net is tightening on criminals. The tiniest trace of blood, saliva or bodily fluids can now be detected and used as concrete evidence to prove a person’s guilt.

“We are committed to protecting those who live and work in Sunderland, and that includes our businesses who have a hugely important role in our communities.

“As a Force, we will continue to identify burglars, solve crimes and ensure perpetrators are brought to justice for their crimes.”

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