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Officers are reminding the public to use care when attending car meets after reports of illegal activity at some events
31 May | 09:21

Car meets are when enthusiast meet up at a particular location to showcase vehicles and discuss engines, design and all-things motor related.

However, officers from Northumbria Police are reminding the public to stay safe and act in accordance with the law when attending these meets after a number of recent arrests and vehicle seizures in North Shields.

Motor Patrols Sergeant Phil Emmerson said: “Those who choose to meet in appropriate locations, with the land owner’s consent, and socialise in an acceptable and reasonable manner have no reason to come to our attention.

“It is not Northumbria Police’s intention to alienate genuine car enthusiasts – and the majority act appropriately and respect the laws of the road.

“The minority who feel that they can use roads as race tracks, or car parks and industrial estates as performance areas will be dealt with robustly, as will those who feel the need to act in an anti-social manner or disturb the local community through noise.

“If your vehicle is legal and you act and drive in a safe manner, showing respect to the local community, then you will not be stopped any more than any other driver.”

Those found driving carelessly or dangerously, causing unnecessary noise nuisance or acting in an anti-social manner, could see action taken against them in the form of:

  • Warnings and vehicle seizures under the Police Reform Act 2002
  • Endorsable or non-endorsable fixed penalty tickets being issued
  • Summons to court, seizure of your vehicle and possible arrest
  • Where appropriate, we will also speak to your insurance company about vehicle modifications

Sgt Emmerson goes on to say: “Northumbria Police acknowledge that the vast majority of car enthusiasts do not cause issues for other road users or local residents. However, there is an element who have no regard for the safety of road users and the consideration of residents.

“The courts take irresponsible driving seriously and the impact this can have on a driver’s livelihood cannot be measured. Vehicles can be seized, fines issued, licences lost and drivers can even find themselves behind bars – it just isn’t worth it.”


  • Switch off your engine and headlights when you park up.
  • Show consideration to local residents by keeping the volume and bass on your audio equipment down to a reasonable level, particularly at night.
  • Keep other noise to a respectful level, remembering how far sound can travel at night and that people leave their windows open at night in warm weather.
  • Show respect for families living nearby.


  • Rev your engines, spin your wheels or create other unnecessary noise.
  • Play loud music, shout or use bad language.
  • Race each other, drive at excess speed or ‘drift’ or do ‘doughnuts’ in car parks or on roads.
  • Use dangerous window tints or illegal registration plates.



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