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Trio of adorable puppies pass explosive detective course
25 Nov | 14:24

A trio of adorable police pups have this week passed an explosive detection course – to join the fight against terrorism.

Police dogs Timmy, Izzy and Jay have passed an extensive 10-week course that means they will now be tasked to sniff out explosives.

The training that the teams have completed enables the dogs to sniff out any suspicious items ahead of major events or sports matches.

And it was also a day of firsts for Northumbria Police as Timmy’s handler PC Claire Salmon became the first woman to train an explosion detection dog.

Constable Dog Trainer Paul Cooper who ran the course said “It is a fantastic achievement for the handlers to have passed.

“Over the duration of the course the dogs and handlers learned how to conduct searches outside, indoors, on routes and in vehicles.

“It is mentally and physically demanding and requires a lot of patience from both handlers and the dogs. This course is definitely the hardest course to pass within our entire dog section.

“I was really thrilled that Claire passed the course as the first female explosive detection dog handler in the force.

“Claire had never handled a specialist dog before so this was a brand new experience for her.

“ She stood out from the start as a strong contender. She worked super hard and picked things up really quickly over the 10 weeks.

“I am sure that she will go very far in her career with the force”.

“All three handlers that passed the course should be extremely proud of themselves.”

Claire said “I am so proud of how much Timmy has achieved. He came to us 2 years ago after being rescued from Dogs Trust, now he is helping fight crime on our streets.

“He is the perfect dog for the job but a loving companion too. It’s great working with my best friend every day!”

To find out more about the work of the dog section you can follow them on Twitter at @NPDogSection.

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