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We're highlighting the safe from the scam as work continues under Operation Signature
07 Nov | 09:36

Dedicated teams across North Tyneside and Northumberland are continuing to protect the public against scams and fraud as crime trends evolve and new patterns emerge.

Community Engagement Sergeant Claire Kimberley, from Northumbria Police, said: “It is important we not only continue to bring offenders before the courts but also carry out proactive work to prevent crime and protect those being targeted.

“We have dedicated teams who tackling emerging crime trends and work to police these and continue to safeguard the public.

Some of the most common offences across North Tyneside and Northumberland relate to automated scams such as banking and computer services where offenders deceive victims into transferring money into a fake account or paying ‘admin fees’ to then be sent a larger sum of money.

Banks will not ask for account information over the phone and if you are ever unsure then hang up or log off and contact your local bank branch for guidance who can then contact police if it is proven to be fraudulent.

Others include investment scams which can cause significant financial loss to victims and involve victims being given a deal ‘too good to be true’ and asked to invest in an opportunity. Money is then transferred and it is later discovered that the investment was fake and the money has been stolen.

Relationship scams are also common where victims are pressured to give money to people they have met online and are intimidated to comply and continue sending money.

Sgt Kimberley added: “The financial loss these victims are facing at the hands of these devious scammers is high and can have lasting and devastating consequences.

“The old saying stands, if something looks too good to be true, it probably is. So speak to a friend or someone you trust and seek advice before handing over any money.

“We would encourage anyone who thinks they have been a victim of a scam or fraud to come forward and tell us, or report it to Actionfraud.

“Please do not be embarrassed, these scams can be very convincing and appear legitimate to even the most perceptive of people. Don’t let pride stop you from seeking justice and helping others who may fall victim to the same offender in the future.”

If you have any concerns, or think you might have been a victim of fraud, please visit

Alternatively, you can seek advice from us by visiting:



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